Obamacare enrollment through HealthCare.gov has dropped to 8.3 million

Obamacare Enrollment - people statistics

Those figures are about 200,000 lower than they were at the same time last year. New HealthCare.gov data has shown that Obamacare enrollment has dropped by about 200,000 since last year. This has brought the current numbers to 8.3 million on the federal exchange site, said the U.S. government. The data is only preliminary, but it indicates that Americans haven’t enrolled at the same rate. The Obamacare enrollment data includes only the sign-ups made through the HealthCare.gov federal exchange site. It includes the numbers as of December 17, and therefore…

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Health care reform could be keeping insurance rates steady

Health Care Reform

Rate hikes for coverage in the US may be less serious than previously thought Consumers throughout the U.S. have been experiencing rate hikes for their health insurance coverage over the past few years. Rates have been growing at a rapid pace, placing many people under significant financial pressure. The Affordable Care Act is meant to resolve this issue by helping slow down the frequency at which insurance premiums increase, and the health care law may actually be succeeding in this endeavor. Early rate filings coming from many large insurance companies…

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Health insurance exchanges have yet to scoop up the uninsured

health insurance

Two surveys have revealed that Americans without coverage aren’t flocking to the marketplaces. With the end of open enrollment on March 31 drawing rapidly near, surveys are now revealing that the health insurance exchanges aren’t yet enrolling the number of uninsured Americans that would be necessary to consider the health care reform a roaring success. The first survey suggested that only 1 in 10 uninsured individuals have completed their private plan enrollment. Although these online health insurance marketplaces are now seeing consistent use, they are not drawing the number of…

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Massachusetts health insurance backlog progress is being made

Massachusetts health Insurance

Officials in the state have said that there tremendously backed up application processing is making headway. Massachusetts health insurance officials have now reported that progress is being made in overcoming the huge backlog that the application processing has been facing in the state since the latest phase of the Affordable Care Act went into effect. The backlog is the most immediate struggle that the state has been facing with the health care reform. Legislators have been going over all of the various issues that the Massachusetts Health Connector site users…

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Insurance industry study shows over 300k in Arizona qualify for subsidies

Arizona Health Insurance industry

Recent research has shown that almost 60 percent of the state’s population can receive this assistance. The results of a new insurance industry study are now revealing that almost 60 percent of the residents of Arizona who purchase coverage through the federal exchange will be able to qualify for a tax subsidy to help to make their health plans more affordable. This study looked at individuals who did not qualify for Medicaid plans but who would use the exchange. This insurance industry research was conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation.…

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Healthcare reforms in California are doing far better than federal changes

California Health Insurance exchange popularity

Although the rollout of the HealthCare.gov site has experienced massive struggles, CoveredCA.com is thriving. As the federal government continues to struggle with problems and errors related to its healthcare reforms, particularly in the HealthCare.gov website, California has been sailing along with a great deal of successes with its own exchange site, CoveredCA.com. The problems with which many Americans have been struggling with the federal site are absent in California. Citizens in California have been able to take advantage of the better side of the healthcare reforms, as their state set…

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Healthcare reforms website to be repaired by private contractor

Federal Health Insurance Exchange website problems

HealthCare.gov has a brighter future ahead and will be working by the end of November. The HealthCare.gov website – a central element of the healthcare reforms – is expected to be up and running at full steam before the end of next month now that Quality Software Systems, a private contractor, has been hired to operate the site. The site has been hounded by problems since the day that it launched at the start of this month. To help to rescue the struggling heart of the healthcare reforms – the…

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