Senator issues lawsuit concerning health insurance requirements

health insurance lawsuit

Lawsuit targets Affordable Care Act U.S. Senator Ron Johnson has filed a lawsuit against the Obama Administration concerning the way the Affordable Care Act is being applied to Congress. The lawsuit is part of a larger political initiative that aims to shed light on the problems surrounding the health care law. Senator Johnson is challenging the provision that stipulates that government officials must purchase health insurance coverage through exchanges rather than from the private market. Exchanges remain a problematic subject Health insurance exchanges have become relatively popular but somewhat notorious…

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New health insurance regulations introduce changes to Affordable Care Act

health insurance exchanges

Obama administration introduces more health insurance revisions As the Affordable Care Act inches closer to becoming fully enacted in the U.S., the Obama administration is making somewhat unexpected moves on the health care law and its provisions concerning health insurance. The federal law is set to go active in its entirety on January 1, 2014. Once the law has been fully enacted, it will be too late for states throughout the country to comply with its provisions, which is somewhat problematic due to the fact that most states have yet…

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Health insurance adjustment suggested by Massachusetts Governor

health insurance rates

 Gov. Patrick has suggested a few tweaks to the current law that may eliminate a healthcare struggle. The implementation of the core element of the healthcare reforms are now less than a year away, and the Governor of Massachusetts, Deval Patrick, has proposed an adjustment to the state’s own healthcare access law from 2006, which would apply a penalty to employers who are not making a “fair” contribution to the health insurance benefits of their employees. The alteration to the law would be called the “employer responsibility contribution”. That new…

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