Senator issues lawsuit concerning health insurance requirements

health insurance lawsuit

Lawsuit targets Affordable Care Act U.S. Senator Ron Johnson has filed a lawsuit against the Obama Administration concerning the way the Affordable Care Act is being applied to Congress. The lawsuit is part of a larger political initiative that aims to shed light on the problems surrounding the health care law. Senator Johnson is challenging the provision that stipulates that government officials must purchase health insurance coverage through exchanges rather than from the private market. Exchanges remain a problematic subject Health insurance exchanges have become relatively popular but somewhat notorious…

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California health insurance exchange revises payment deadline

California health Insurance payment

Covered California offers people more time to pay for their coverage The California health insurance exchange, called Covered California, has recently witnessed a massive influx of new enrollees which has caused exchange officials to revise the deadline on payments for insurance coverage. Policies sold through Covered California went active on January 1 and that had been the initial payment deadline for those that have received coverage through the exchange. Policyholders will now have more time to pay for their coverage due to a revised payment deadline. New deadline set for…

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CVS Caremark seeks to address issues concerning cancelled health insurance coverage

CVS health insurance

Cancelled policies could cause a problem for those on medication Many people throughout the U.S. have lost their health insurance coverage because of the provisions of the Affordable Care Act. These policies were cancelled because they do not comply with the standards established by the federal law. While a significant portion of those that had substandard policies will be able to continue receiving coverage from these policies, insurers have opted not to revive policies that have already been cancelled. CVS Caremark has decided to address the issue for the sake…

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Maryland health insurance computer glitch leaves thousands uninsured

Maryland Insurance

A problem with the exchange in the state may have left up to 5,000 enrollees without coverage. An issue that has been identified with the Maryland health insurance exchange has made it possible that a few thousand people in the state who believe that they have fully enrolled for the coverage required to comply with the individual mandate have not actually done so successfully. The state’s governor has acknowledged this issue, although a specific number of affected people is not known. Governor Martin O’Malley spoke on the subject of Maryland…

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Hawaii health insurance companies win approval for higher rates

Hawaii Health insurance company

Cancelled policies become more expensive in Hawaii Hawaii health insurance officials have approved rate increase proposals from some of the state’s largest insurance providers. The state’s Insurance Division has been investigating rate increase proposals to determine whether they are necessary or not and has seen a need for higher rates as insurers continue to juggle several financial issues. The new rates are primarily for insurance plans that were set to be cancelled due to the provisions of the Affordable Care Act. Several insurers have moved to continue honoring these policies,…

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