Healthcare reforms website outages slow progress and repairs

Health care Reform

That said, officials are insisting that the federal exchange site will be smoothly operational by the end of the month. The insurance exchange portion of the healthcare reforms has not experienced the strongest introduction to the American public, as the federal website has seen nothing but outages and errors, but the officials from the Obama administration are still certain that the site will be back on track by November’s end. The fixes have been delayed by the outages that the site has experienced, but they are moving ahead. Though the…

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Health insurance lower among Republican district residents

health insurance healthcare reform

The individuals living in these areas tend to have coverage rates that are below average. The U.S. congressional districts that have the greatest tendency for below average health insurance coverage has been shown to be those that are predominantly Republican, according to the latest data. The Democrat districts appear to have a notably greater rate of coverage, on the whole. This data came as somewhat of a surprise, as the health care reform issue was central to the government shutdown that came as a result of the deadlock between the…

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Healthcare reforms are about to get a whole lot funnier

Funny or die healthcare reforms

The celebrities from the Funny or Die studios in Hollywood are helping to promote the health insurance exchanges and laws. Hollywood is now doing its part to help the country to get itself ready for the implementation of the latest pieces of the healthcare reforms, as the state health insurance exchanges get ready to go live on October 1. Mike Farah and the Funny or Die studios team are coming up with as many as 20 different projects for this purpose. In order to make sure that the healthcare reforms…

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New health insurance regulations introduce changes to Affordable Care Act

health insurance exchanges

Obama administration introduces more health insurance revisions As the Affordable Care Act inches closer to becoming fully enacted in the U.S., the Obama administration is making somewhat unexpected moves on the health care law and its provisions concerning health insurance. The federal law is set to go active in its entirety on January 1, 2014. Once the law has been fully enacted, it will be too late for states throughout the country to comply with its provisions, which is somewhat problematic due to the fact that most states have yet…

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Health insurance deadlines for exchanges will be tight

Health Insurance News

The dates are rapidly approaching and states and IT firms are scrambling to have everything finished in time. IT firms are in the midst of creating health insurance exchanges that are cloud based and allow for connection with both the states and a federal data hub in order to support determination of eligibility for users. However, the deadline for open enrollment is October 1, and that time is rushing up very quickly. The health insurance exchanges must be open and ready for enrollment by October 1, 2013, according to the…

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Insurance fraud lawsuit filed by Allstate against providers

Disability Insurance Fraud

The massive insurer has sued five medical professional companies and six physicians in the U.S. Allstate has just filed an insurance fraud lawsuit worth $3.8 million in order to recover the funds from five medical professional corporations and six physicians. This is the third lawsuit of this nature that the insurer has filed within this year alone. Overall, there have been 47 insurance fraud lawsuits filed by Allstate in the state of New York since 2003. In total, the insurer has sought over $235 million in damages throughout those years.…

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Health insurance fee may be added to reforms

Health insurance rates

The healthcare overhaul may include a new expense that could reach the wallets of consumers. The overhaul of the health insurance system may now involve a new $63 per person fee that is designed to help to pad the cost of providing coverage to individuals who have a pre-existing medical condition. This additional charge was worked into a recent regulation that was created for the system. According to employers, who are greatly displeased with the health insurance fee, it could lead to tens of millions of dollars for the biggest…

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