Health insurance companies flee South Carolina market

South Carolina Health Insurance

A dozen insurers opt out of South Carolina small group and individual markets Nearly a dozen health insurance companies are leaving South Carolina, according to the state’s Insurance Department. These insurers are refusing to write new health policies in the state, citing new regulations introduced by the Affordable Care Act. These regulations are placing significant financial strain on some companies and smaller insurers are finding it difficult to comply with some of the federal law’s provisions. As such, pulling out of the individual and small group markets of South Carolina…

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Commissioner rejects 5 health insurance companies from Washington exchange

washington health insurance exchange

Health insurance companies rejected by Commissioner Kreidler Washington’s Insurance Commissioner, Mike Kreidler, has rejected 5 insurers from the state’s health insurance exchange. The move has received some criticism from consumers and advocacy groups in the state, spurring the Commissioner to make a statement concerning his decision. According to Kreidler, there were substantial problems with the plans being offered by the insurance companies and these problems could not be effectively resolved. The state’s health insurance exchange currently boasts of 31 plans offered by four insurers. Many plans lacked network coverage One…

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Obama administration requests lower rate increase from health insurance company

The Obama administration has used a new tool from their healthcare overhaul to pressure a health insurer with intentions to increase its rates in Pennsylvania reduce the size of this hike. Department of Health and Human Services officials have announced that they feel that it was “unreasonable” for Everence Insurance Co. to plan a 12 percent increase in the rates for approximately 5,000 individuals employed by small businesses within the state. According to Kathleen Sebelius, the Health and Human Services Secretary, the intended rate increase was not adequately justified by…

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