US health insurance sector could be in for a shift

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Mid-term elections see Republican Party take majority of political power in the country Mid-term elections in the United States have come and passed and now the Republican Party is in control of Congress. This could have major implications for the health insurance sector, as many Republicans have been opposed to the Affordable Care Act and its various provisions. With control of Congress, Republican lawmakers may be able to introduce yet more reform to the health care system, and some may push to have certain provisions of the Affordable Care Act…

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Health insurance landscape shifts in Montana

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Montana sees major transition in health insurance sector Montana has taken a major step in the field of health insurance. The state’s Insurance Commissioner, Monica Lindeen, has granted her approval for the sale of Blue Cross of Montana, the state’s largest private health insurance provider. Blue Cross of Montana is being sold to the Health Care Service Corp., which is based in Chicago, Illinois. The sale comes with numerous conditions, however, which are meant to benefit state residents to some degree. Sale of Blue Cross of Montana has been approved…

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