Gallup poll tracks consumer health insurance satisfaction in the US

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Gallup poll shows consumers are highly satisfied with cost of health insurance Gallup, one of the world’s leading market research firms, has released the results of its latest Health and Healthcare Poll, which was conducted between November 15 and 18 of this year. The poll seeks information concerning the satisfaction that U.S. consumers have with their health insurance providers and has a strong emphasis on cost. The level of satisfaction of most consumers is often determined by how much they pay for health insurance, with the quality of the benefits…

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Health insurance laws will require many more doctors

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A study has predicted that by 2025, the United States will need 52,000 more family physicians. According to the findings of a recently released study, the increased access to health insurance that will result from the Affordable Care Act, in combination with the aging population, will create a need for an additional 52,000 family doctors in the United States by 2025. The healthcare reforms will provide an estimated 34 million additional Americans with coverage access. One of the authors of the study, Dr. Winston Liaw, has pointed out that the…

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Health insurance companies do well in encouraging trust…

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Though the same research indicates that message clarity could use some improvement. Pitney Bowes Inc. has just released the results of its latest research, which has indicated that health insurance companies need to place more of their focus on their claims and billing information approaches in order to make sure that their customers are being adequately informed. This information needs to adequately cater to the various age groups that the insurers serve. Though American consumers do have a certain general preference for the ways in which they would like to receive…

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Health insurance survey show consumers want better communication

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Pitney Bowes examines the state of the health insurance industry Pitney Bowes Inc., a company specializing in the development of software and hardware related to shipping, has conducted research concerning health insurance providers and how they are seen by consumers. The research highlights a number of aspects that health insurance companies may have to focus on improving while also drawing attention to the areas where these companies are seeing success. The research was commissioned by ORC International, a polling firm, and accounts for approximately 1,000 U.S. consumers. Participants were surveyed…

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Health insurance is a better predictor of heart attack death than other important factors

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The presence of coverage is a more accurate risk factor than ethnicity. According to researchers at Johns Hopkins who performed a study on the medical outcomes at a number of Maryland hospitals, the presence of health insurance was a more accurate predictor of whether or not an individual would survive a stroke or heart attack than his or her ethnicity. The research showed that uninsured individuals had a greater likelihood of dying after these events. The Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health researchers found that individuals that did not have…

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Women without health insurance receive fewer cancer screenings

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Those who don’t have coverage are also less likely to be up to date with their checkups. The findings of a recent study have shown that individuals who don’t have health insurance and//or who live in rural areas have a lower likelihood of keeping their routine health checkups up to date and to receive the cancer screenings that are recommended for someone within their age or risk group. Screening for cancers has been an issue of significant controversy and debate over the last few years. Even by the standards of…

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