States brace for Children’s Health Insurance Program to run out of money

Children’s Health Insurance Program kids

Almost a dozen states are getting ready for CHIP’s funding to run out, leaving kids from low-income families uninsured. Almost a dozen U.S. states are bracing themselves as they watch the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) rapidly running out of money. The program is designed to provide coverage for children from low-income families and, according to a Washington Post report, it is nearly out of funds. At the moment, there are five states that won’t have enough funding for their programs to get through December. The report indicated that the…

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Insurers take the business approach to Obamacare

health care reform

Insurers are finding ways to omit Obamacare from their marketing The Affordable Care Act, often called “Obamacare,” has become a hyper-politicized issue within the U.S. While consumers and politicians throughout the country are arguing the merits of the federal law and how to fix its faults, insurance companies are looking at the issue from the perspective of business. Insurers throughout the U.S. are preparing for a public relations barrage, which will target the estimated 7 million new customers that could find coverage through health insurance exchanges. Insurers are expected to…

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Alabama health insurance exchange nixed

Health Insurance rates and care

Alabama health insurance exchange plans put to rest by Governor Bentley Alabama will not build its own health insurance exchange, according to Governor Robert Bentley. The Governor released a short press release this week detailing his views on the exchange program and why the state will not build its own. The state is required to host a health insurance exchange per the Affordable Care Act. The state can, of course, opt out of building its own exchange, but the federal government will be responsible for building the Alabama health insurance…

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Maine health insurance reform deemed failure by report

Maine Health Insurance

Report highlights problems created by health insurance reform Consumers for Affordable Health Care, a non-profit advocacy organization based in Maine, has released a new report concerning the health insurance overhaul that was passed in the state last year. The law brought significant health insurance reforms to the state that were well received by residents. The report suggests, however, that the health insurance overhaul is not accomplishing its goals and may be doing more harm than good. The report is based on information from the Main Bureau of Insurance. Law aims…

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China works to boost availability of health insurance

Chinese Health Insurance Reform

Chinese government aims to make health insurance and medical care more affordable China has been making significant changes to its insurance industry in recent years. The government has been laboring to make health insurance more inclusive for consumers throughout the country. Though it has seen modest success in this endeavor, the Chinese government continues to work on ways to improve the industry and make health insurance friendlier for consumers. According to Health Minister Chen Zhu, work is being done to ensure ill consumers do not lose everything they have in…

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Hospitals could suffer if insurance mandate is abolished, says Moody’s

Health care reform news

Special report highlights the impact Supreme Court ruling could have on hospitals Moody’s Investors Services, often referred to as Moody’s, has released a special report concerning the insurance mandate provision of the Affordable Care Act within health care reform. The mandate has been at the heart of the controversy surrounding the federal law. According to the law, American citizens must purchase and maintain some kind of health insurance policy. Many states have accused the federal government of overstepping its boundaries by requiring people to purchasing health insurance. As a result,…

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Supreme Court may be unclear on how the health insurance mandate fits into the Affordable Care Act

Health insurance care reform confusion debate

The fate of the health insurance Affordable Care Act is currently in the hands of the U.S. Supreme Court. The Court heard arguments concerning the constitutionality of the law last month, during which Justices raised serious concerns about the law’s provisions. The health insurance mandate of the law hit a chord with some of the judges and has been a point of contention for most of this month. The concerns of Justices may be due to a fundamental misunderstanding of the provision. This misunderstanding could put the Affordable Care Act…

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