Health insurance deductibles in Alabama will soon be higher

Alibama Health Insurance Costs

Consumers have expressed concern over their ability to afford to use the coverage they’ve purchased. Residents of Alabama have been voicing frustrations over an upcoming increase to the deductibles they pay out of their own pockets for health insurance they’ve purchased under the requirements of the Affordable Care Act. They have stated that the combination of higher premiums and deductibles are making coverage less affordable. The premiums being paid for health insurance in Alabama increased by an average of 28.3 percent over the last year. This was tough on many…

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Insurance companies may soon have rates negotiated with doctors

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If a new bill passes in Tennessee, it will mean that health care providers will play a role in rates negotiations. A new bill is currently under consideration by the Tennessee state legislature, which would alter the way insurance companies currently calculate the rates that are charged through doctors’ offices. The Healthcare Providers Stability Act will be the first of its kind for any state in the country. The current issue that the bill would change is that at the moment, insurance companies have the ability to change the rates…

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Consumers with health insurance are still avoiding medical care

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Survey finds that consumers are turning to emergency rooms in order to avoid high health care costs Health insurance premiums are on the rise in the United States and many consumers are beginning to avoid medical care as a result. A new survey from the American College of Emergency Physicians has found that patients are avoiding medical services because of high health care costs. As a result, more of these people are ending up in the emergency room because they are ignoring serious conditions that may be putting their lives…

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Health insurance rates set to rise in Montana

Trumpcare health insurance investigation

Insurance premiums for Montana residents expected to rise as much as 34% for 2016 coverage Montana residents can expect to see their health insurance premiums rise in 2016. Insurance Commissioner Monica Lindeen has announced that rates will increase between 22% and 34% in 2016, affecting as many as 41,000 people living in the state. The rate increases will not affect those that receive employer-sponsored health insurance coverage or those that receive coverage through and receive federal subsidies for these policies. Those in the private market, however, may experiencing a…

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Health insurance deductibles have risen sharply since 2010

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Survey finds that deductibles for employer-sponsored coverage have grown aggressively A new survey from the Kaiser Family Foundation and the Health Research & Educational Trust has found that health insurance deductibles have risen dramatically since 2010. These deductible increases have primarily affected those with employer-sponsored coverage. Many employers have been facing greater financial strain in providing their workers with insurance coverage, especially as insurers make their plans more expensive. As a result, consumers have been facing higher out-of-pocket costs for their coverage even as premiums have continued to grow. Workers…

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Health insurance rates to rise 6% for 300K Massachusetts consumers

Cost of health insurance rates

Insurers across the state will be increasing premiums for small businesses and individuals, next year. Health insurance rates in Massachusetts are about to rise by over 6 percent for individuals and small businesses, alike in 2016, which is making many people wonder if the cost of coverage may be heading into an upward trend. This rate increase has already received the approval of the Division of Insurance in the state. Now that it is moving ahead, it will mean that there will be a rise in health insurance rates that…

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Missouri falls behind in mitigate increase in health insurance rates

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State has been unable to halt the growth of health insurance premiums Missouri may be falling behind in protecting its residents from significant health insurance rate increases. In 2016, insurance policies are set to become more expensive nationwide due proposals from insurers. Typically, state regulators investigate rate increase proposals in order to determine whether or not they are needed. In Missouri, however, regulators are not tasked to investigate rate proposals. Instead, this burden falls to the federal government, which may be leaving consumers open to significant rate increases that could…

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Study shows competition is not leading to lower health insurance premiums

Michigan health insurance

New study suggests that competition is not having a beneficial impact on insurance rates The Economic Alliance for Michigan has released a new study concerning the size of the health insurance market and the effect that competition has had on insurance premiums. Typically, more competition in the health insurance markets leads to lower premiums, as insurers fight with one another for the support of consumers. The study, however, suggests that high competition between insurers does not always lead to lower premiums for individuals and businesses. Prominent insurers are not able…

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Health insurance premiums continue to climb in the US

Health Insurance Premiums Rise

Insurance premiums are growing as medical care becomes more expensive Health insurance costs continue to grow throughout the United States and this is having an impact on premiums for many consumers that have purchased coverage through insurance exchanges. These exchanges were established through the Affordable Care Act and serve as a way for people to find less expensive policies than can be found  through the private market. While this was initially true for many, the policies provided through exchanges are becoming more expensive with each passing year. Data suggests that…

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Health insurance rates to spike in Kansas

Health Insurance rates and care

Kansas tax plan will lead to an increase in health insurance premiums for those with HMO plans A new tax plan could increase health insurance premiums in Kansas. The state’s Senate passed the $470 million tax plan over the weekend, which will create a $47 million tax increase on managed-care organizations. The tax increase represents a 3.31% rate increase on health insurance companies that offer HMO plans. The increased rate on insurers will likely translate into higher premiums for policyholders as these companies seek to recover losses and mitigate the…

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