Health insurance costs for 2015 won’t be revealed until after the election

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There could be double digit increases in premiums in certain states where key Senate races are occurring. Consumers across the United States who intend to buy their health insurance on the federal exchange won’t need to wait much longer to find out what their premiums will be, but they will still need to wait until after the election on November 4 for their first glimpse at the official figures. That said, this won’t delay their ability to shop and make their purchases as open enrollment starts on November 15. This…

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Health insurance rate increase in California lower than anticipated

California Health Insurance

Health insurance rates expected to spike throughout the US For the past year, insurers throughout the U.S. have been warning that health insurance rates would grow at an alarming rate due to the Affordable Care Act. These warnings have come from some of the country’s largest insurers, many of whom had suggested that consumers would be unprepared for higher rates in the future, leading to a phenomenon known as rate shock. In California, however, health insurance rates have yet to show signs that support the warnings coming from insurance companies.…

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Health insurance prices in California announced

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Consumers can now start to understand what they will be paying when the Affordable Care Act is implemented. California has now released the price that consumers will be paying for a number of health insurance plans that will be offered through the state’s exchange as a result of the Affordable Care Act, which will go into full effect in 2014. These newly released prices offer a glimpse of what the coverage will cost in the rest of the country. Within the federal healthcare law overhaul, Americans who are not able…

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Health insurance in New Jersey is most expensive at the biggest organizations

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A new study from ADP has found the it is the large companies that pay the most for coverage. The results of the latest research by Automatic Data Processing (ADP) have been released in a recent report, which has indicated that it is the residents of New Jersey who work for large businesses that typically pay the highest amount for their health insurance premiums. This is the case in New Jersey more than in any other state, said the ADP study. The research showed that the average New Jersey employee…

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