New Jersey residents are finding it hard to pay for health insurance

new jersey health insurance

Report highlights the good news and bad news for those purchasing coverage through exchanges A recent report from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services shows that enrollments in health insurance exchanges throughout the country remained stable during the last open enrollment period. In New Jersey, however, this could be a double-edged sword. While more people in the state have been able to acquire insurance coverage through the state’s exchange, fewer people are able to keep up with the pace at which insurance premiums are growing. New Jersey exchange continues…

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Health insurance rates to rise 6% for 300K Massachusetts consumers

Cost of health insurance rates

Insurers across the state will be increasing premiums for small businesses and individuals, next year. Health insurance rates in Massachusetts are about to rise by over 6 percent for individuals and small businesses, alike in 2016, which is making many people wonder if the cost of coverage may be heading into an upward trend. This rate increase has already received the approval of the Division of Insurance in the state. Now that it is moving ahead, it will mean that there will be a rise in health insurance rates that…

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Health insurance premiums to see a modest rise in Florida

Florida health insurance

Florida regulators announce rate hikes for policies sold through exchange The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation has announced that it has approved an increase in health insurance premiums for coverage sold through the state’s exchange. Florida’s insurance exchange in managed by the federal government, and consumers looking for policies can find them through, the federal exchange network. The rate increases in Florida are more modest than what is being reported in other states and consumers are expected to experience a small increase in premiums for coverage in 2016. Premiums…

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D.C. health insurance exchange will be losing some options in 2016

Health Care Reform insurance exchange

Residents of Washington D.C. won’t have as much competition on the marketplace, next year. People who live in Washington D.C. will be finding that when they look over their health insurance exchange, next year, to comparison shop for plans, they won’t have quite as many options as they saw this year. There will actually be only one carrier from which to choose, which will considerably change the playing field. Because of the plummeting competition over the insurance exchange in D.C., many of the residents who will be using it will…

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Study shows competition is not leading to lower health insurance premiums

Michigan health insurance

New study suggests that competition is not having a beneficial impact on insurance rates The Economic Alliance for Michigan has released a new study concerning the size of the health insurance market and the effect that competition has had on insurance premiums. Typically, more competition in the health insurance markets leads to lower premiums, as insurers fight with one another for the support of consumers. The study, however, suggests that high competition between insurers does not always lead to lower premiums for individuals and businesses. Prominent insurers are not able…

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Health insurance premiums continue to grow in the US

Health Insurance premiums rise

Insurers are looking to raise rates on coverage being offered in 2016 Many of the country’s largest health insurance companies are looking to raise rates for the coverage they will provide in 2016. These insurers are seeking rate increases on policies provided through health insurance exchanges, and in some cases rates could go up by more than 40%. Blue Cross and Blue Shield is one of the insurers looking to raise premiums. For those living in Minnesota, coverage provided by the insurer could become significantly more expensive. Blue Cross and…

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Millions of Americans will keep their health plans subsidies

Obama between two ferns health insurance

A new court ruling has meant that consumers across the United States will keep affordable insurance coverage. Consumers across the U.S. who had been struggling to be able to afford their health plans will now be able to sigh a breath of relief as a court has ruled that the federal subsidies will be maintained in the states that do not have their own insurance exchanges. Many were watching the ruling of the U.S. Supreme Court with regards to the health care reform subsidies. The decision made by the top…

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Health insurance premiums on the rise throughout the US

Health Insurance rate increases

Insurers are looking to increase premiums to recover from financial losses Insurance companies offering coverage through exchanges throughout the United States are looking to increase premiums in the coming year. This may not be a surprise, as industry experts and analysts have predicted significant growth in insurance premiums in the coming years. According to analysis from HealthPocket, however, rates are expected to grow by an average of 12% in 2016 for individual policies. Premiums enrolled in the most popular plans, such as Silver tier plans, could increase by as much…

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Health insurance premiums continue to climb in the US

Health Insurance Premiums Rise

Insurance premiums are growing as medical care becomes more expensive Health insurance costs continue to grow throughout the United States and this is having an impact on premiums for many consumers that have purchased coverage through insurance exchanges. These exchanges were established through the Affordable Care Act and serve as a way for people to find less expensive policies than can be found  through the private market. While this was initially true for many, the policies provided through exchanges are becoming more expensive with each passing year. Data suggests that…

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Health insurance premiums grow among millennials

Health Insurance industry young millennial

Research shows that millennials are facing higher insurance premiums Health insurance coverage has become more accessible in the United States due to the Affordable Care Act, but the federal reform law has also lead to a significant increase in insurance premiums. Research from the Heritage Foundation has found that insurance premiums have increased, especially for millennials that have received coverage through exchanges. These exchanges have succeeded in offering coverage to consumers, but premiums continue to rise and place some people under greater financial strain. Premiums for young consumers are on…

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