Veterans health insurance may be dropped by 600,000 in 2017

veterans health insurance

More than half a million vets could find themselves without coverage, say researchers. New research from the (left-leaning) Urban Institute has said 600,000 veterans health insurance policies may cease next year. The reason, said the report, is that in 19 states, Medicaid is not expanding enough to cover the vets. Even with the Medicaid expansion that has already occurred, there continue to be hundreds of thousands of uninsured. The Urban Institute has cautioned that unless the 19 states that have continued to withhold the expansion broaden their programs, there will…

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Alternative painkiller insurance is hard to find in the US

alternative painkiller insurance medication health care cost

Despite the struggle the country is facing with the use of prescription opioids to reduce pain, patients have few choices. Over the last ten years, the prescription of opioids has skyrocketed but alternative painkiller insurance policies are few and far between. Consumers struggle to find insurance coverage for options outside highly addictive medications with serious risks. Fentanyl, oxycodone, hydrocodone and morphine prescriptions are climbing – as are opioid overdoses. This trend isn’t new – it has been around for about ten years – but it is far worse now than…

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Top California health insurance barriers include premiums and eligibility

California Health Insurance

The results of research conducted throughout 2014 showed that there were very specific reasons for remaining uninsured. A new study conducted by researchers at the Center for Labor Research and Education at the University of California, Berkeley, as well as the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research has determined that among the individuals without California health insurance coverage in 2014, two out of every three were deemed eligible but chose not to enroll as a result of the cost. The other third of the uninsured residents of the state were…

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Texas health insurance exchange continues to build enrollees

Texas health Insurance companies

In the second last week of December, the number of people who signed up in the state rose by 56,000. Texans have recently started to flock to the Texas health insurance exchange and have been signing up for plans that will allow them to comply with the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate, raising the numbers by a massive 56,000 people within the second last week of December alone. The total number of people who have enrolled in the state has reached just short of 1.1 million. These figures were released…

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Massachusetts health insurance is popular but confusingly complex, study

Massachusetts Health Insurance

Despite the fact that this exchange currently leads the country, many consumers still struggle with medical costs. The results of the annual Center for Health Information and Analysis survey have been released and show that Massachusetts health insurance, while still leading the nation in terms of the percentage of state residents who are insured, still faces certain considerable struggles. The state also leads in terms of health care costs rising faster than income growth and inflation rates. What the survey determined was that about one in every six residents of…

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Vermont businesses continue to face challenges when it comes to health insurance

Vermont Health insurance exchanges

Small businesses continue to experience frustration with state’s insurance system Businesses in Vermont have been having some issues with health insurance for the past few years. Vermont is the only state where businesses with 50 or fewer employees must purchase health insurance plans through a specially designed exchange marketplace. The marketplace is meant to serve as an effective and efficient way businesses can provide their employees with insurance coverage, but it has been quite dysfunctional for small companies. A new insurance exchange system could be a costly issue for the…

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Number of health insurance policies available through is falling

obamacare health insurance agent business

Fewer policies will be available through the federal health insurance gateway Those seeking out health insurance coverage through the site may find that fewer policies are available to them this year., the federal insurance exchange gateway, will begin offering services in November, with consumers being able to enroll for coverage and find policies that they are interested in. The federal government has been working to improve the site for some time in order to ensure that consumers will be able to find the coverage that they need. Average…

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