Health insurance plan coverage reaching all but 7 percent of Californians

california health insurance plan

A new nationwide study conducted by the National Center for Health Statistics examined uninsured rates. Nearly 29 million Americans across the country currently lack a health insurance plan. This is a considerable reduction in the uninsured rate. In 2010, almost 49 million Americans didn’t have health insurance coverage. Californians are faring even better than the rest of the country in terms of their coverage rates. That said, on the other end of the spectrum, Texans are the Americans least likely to have a health insurance plan. In that state, 20…

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Iowa’s stopgap health insurance plan is illegal, say critics

Iowa stopgap health insurance plan

Opponents to the state commissioner’s plan say it would excessively burden moderate income Iowans. Iowa has been considering a stopgap health insurance proposal to help the state to prop up its shaky coverage market. However, critics are saying that this strategy would violate federal law. The reason is that they claim it would force moderate income Iowans to have to spend far more for coverage. In fact, opponents say those state residents could be forced to pay thousands more every year if the stopgap health insurance strategy was to move…

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Medicaid insurance plans receive federal standards makeover

Medicaid insurance plans standards

The Obama administration has now established a new set of standards for these private coverage plans. The primary source of coverage for millions of Americans, Medicaid insurance plans, are undergoing a significant change as the Obama administration has now laid out a fresh set of standards to which these policies must adhere. The new rules have been designed to address insurance companies that serve Medicaid customers. There are 39 states in which insurance companies are serving as a kind of middleman in order to make sure that customers have coverage.…

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Aetna steps out of America’s Health Insurance Plan

America's health insurance plan

The third largest and powerful healthcare plan provider in the country has stepped out of the group. The third largest medical insurer in the United States has now announced that it will be quitting America’s Health Insurance Plan, which is the powerful lobbying group in the industry that has been standing behind Obamacare. This is the second large health insurance company to leave the group, following the departure of UnitedHealthCare. Back in June, UnitedHealthCare announced that it was to be the first insurer to leave America’s Health Insurance Plan (AHIP).…

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Tennessee health insurance enrollments have broken records

Tennessee Health Insurance

Many residents of the state are finding it easier and more convenient to enroll, regardless of their opinion of their plans. Residents of Tennessee have enrolled in the health insurance exchange in the state in record numbers, in order to comply with the requirements of the Affordable Care Act and in order to have done so by the first open enrollment deadline, which was on Tuesday. By December 5, there had already been 88,007 people in Tennessee who had signed up for health plans. Comparatively, by December 15, 2014 –…

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Tennessee health insurance co-op faces complaints from consumers

Tennessee Health Insurance

Tennessee consumers are having problems with the state’s health insurance co-op, Community Health Alliance Tennessee’s Community Health Alliance, a health insurance co-op operating in the state, has become the subject of complaints being issued to the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance. Now, the state agency is looking to hear from more people that may have had problems with the co-op in an effort to determine how outstanding problems can be resolved. At the end of the year, the co-op is expected to shut down, which will leave some 27,000…

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Piecemeal insurance plan is costing Mississippi state employees

Health Insurance Mississippi

The method of coverage used for those workers has fragmented contracts that are more expensive. According to a recent report by The Clarion-Ledger in Mississippi, if all state employees were to receive supplemental coverage on their insurance plans, they would likely receive better benefits while paying less for them. At the moment, the contracts for insurance coverage are spread out among over 100 state agencies and school districts. At the moment, the state doesn’t require competitive bidding to occur for insurance plans, nor are proposals for the best price or…

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Dental insurance may be inadequate among adults with health plans

dental insurance

A recent survey showed that people aren’t buying plans that cover a trip to the dentist, due to cost. The results of a recent survey have now been released and they have shown that dental insurance is among the health care services that people with health plans say they most frequently skip due to the cost associated with the coverage. One in five adults said that they had dental care needs that were not being met because they were cost preventative. The research was conducted by at the Health Policy…

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Direct care allows consumers to bypass their health insurance

Health Insurance Agent

More consumers are taking advantage of direct care medical services A growing number of consumers are beginning to bypass their health insurance coverage in order to take advantage of direct care from medical professionals. For many, the high deductibles associated with their insurance coverage is simply too high, which is encouraging them to receive care directly from medical care providers rather than make use of their insurance policies. Some consumers are finding it less expensive to take advantage of direct care rather than use their costly insurance coverage. High deductible…

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Census Bureau shows 8.8 billion people gained health insurance coverage

health insurance coverage

Report highlights the growing number of people with insurance coverage in the US The Census Bureau has released data that shows that 8.8 million people in the U.S. were able to gain health insurance coverage in 2014 due to the Affordable Care Act. The organization’s report notes that 2014 was the first full year wherein the provisions of the Affordable Care Act were in effect. The federal law has allowed many consumers to receive insurance coverage through expanded health care programs and through state-based exchanges, which offer relatively inexpensive insurance…

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