Health insurance awareness becomes top priority in New Hampshire

Health insurance exchange awareness

New Hampshire officials set sights on raising awareness concerning health insurance In the U.S., the Affordable Care Act is inching closure to becoming fully enacted. The federal law has faced down staunch opposition since it was passed in 2010. Though many states still oppose the federal law, especially when it comes to the law’s health insurance provisions, those states are now feeling the pressure to comply with the provisions of the Affordable Care Act. In New Hampshire, spreading awareness of how the law will impact the state and its health…

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New Hampshire insurance regulators battle with non-profit organization over surplus funds from insurance pools

Insurance regulators in New Hampshire have been clashing with a non-profit organization known as the Local Government Center (LGC). The dispute is centered on how the LGC manages health insurance risk pools for state employees and retirees. The Bureau of Securities Regulation has been investigating the operations of the organization and has released a final report regarding the issue. According to the report, taxpayers may be receiving a big refund from the LGC in the coming months. The report shows that the LGC has merged with several smaller corporations in…

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New Hampshire: Early retirement will cost more now

The Supreme Court of New Hampshire has approved a bill that would allow companies to charge early retirees for their health insurance coverage. The bill is similar to one that was defeated in 2009 after inciting stiff opposition from the state’s employee associations. Last month, the legislation was being hotly debated with opponents arguing that the bill was nothing more than a ploy to generate more revenue. The court has determined that the legislation will serve no detriment to retiree’s rights. They will still be eligible for pension benefits and…

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