Health insurance plans to be rated based on size of network

health insurance exchange

The Obama administration will now use the number of included doctors and hospitals in the ratings. In response to complaints from consumers with respect to the way health insurance plans are rated on the exchanges, the Obama administration has now said that it will provide a rating for each plan based on the number of hospitals and doctors that are included within that plan’s network. Equally, there will also be an increase to the maximum annual out-of-pocket amount that consumers can pay. For individuals, the maximum out-of-pocket expenses for health…

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Delays reported in upgrading the federal health insurance exchange network

covered care open enrollment

Upgrades are being delayed, but are expected to be ready before the beginning of the open enrollment period Open enrollment for U.S. health insurance exchanges will begin November 1 this year and the federal government is working on improving its insurance gateway, Earlier this month, the government announced that it would be making long-awaited upgrades to the website before the open enrollment period began, but these updates may be delayed somewhat. While federal officials believe that the updates will be online before the enrollment period begins, ongoing issues may…

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