Insurance plan loophole nearly closed

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The government is coming close to stopping employers from being able to offer substandard coverage. Insurance plan consultants were recently surprised to discover that under the rules of the Affordable Care Act, employers are capable of offering policies to their employees for next year that do not include hospital benefits. This has caused the administration to take action to correct an official calculator for approving of insurance policies. Officials from the Treasury Department are now working on changing the path of an official calculator that gives approval to various types…

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President creates new health insurance loophole

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Loophole formed within the Affordable Care Act President Obama has vowed to resolve the issues that have beleaguered the federal insurance exchange network, which was established by the Affordable Care Act. In what some are calling the first major step to actualize this vow, the President has opened up a new legislative loophole in the federal law. This loophole will allow some people to be exempt from financial penalties imposed by the federal law on those that do not have active health insurance coverage beginning on January 1, 2014. Financial…

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Loophole could help health insurance companies avoid Affordable Care Act

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Health insurance companies may find major benefit in loophole in federal law Health insurance companies throughout the U.S. have been working to find ways to avoid the costly implications associated with the federal Affordable Care Act. There are several provisions associated with the federal law that are expected to have a major impact on the cost of health insurance coverage, largely due to the fact that these provisions institute more regulations on insurers. Some health insurance companies seem to have found a possible way to avoid complying with the federal…

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