Health insurance hearing held in Maine

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Residents have expressed concern about changes proposed to Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield. Following concerns that have been expressed by residents of Maine regarding changes that have been proposed to Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance, a hearing was scheduled for this week to allow them the opportunity to speak and have their voices heard. On Monday, the hearing was held at the Cross State Office Building, located in Augusta. The health insurance hearing was held by the Bureau of Insurance. It took place in Augusta and was focused…

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Health insurance public hearings welcome citizens

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Vanderbilt University meetings in Tennessee give people the chance to contribute. Health insurance regulations due to the reforms to the medical care system have been receiving a tremendous amount of attention, but some vital provisions have failed to make it to the spotlight until now, and are finally starting to receive their due attention. The “essential health benefits” provision will be the topic of open meetings in Tennessee. Though the Affordable Care Act’s “guaranteed coverage” and “individual mandate” are being continually discussed, it is the provision designed to protect people…

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