Health insurance premiums 14 percent higher for smokers

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A report has also shown that obese adults are paying 22 percent more for their medical coverage. The results of an eHealth, Inc., study have been released in a report that functions as an addendum to the one that it issued two months ago, called “November 2012 Cost and Benefits”, and has shown that smokers and obese individuals are paying higher monthly health insurance premiums than their non-smoking and lower BMI counterparts. On average, these individuals are shelling out a significantly larger amount due to their increased risk factors. According…

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Indiana Health insurance may change the way smoking is factored into rates

Health Insurance for Smokers

Employers may be required to charge higher rates for plans covering smokers. Some employers in Indiana have already made the choice to charge higher rates for health insurance plans covering employees who smoke, but labor leaders are cautioning that this could lead to a trend where there is legislation against a larger number of health habits. The debate could impact the way that group rates are calculated within the state. The statewide ban on smoking has been into effect for several months, but there is now a hope among some…

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Will insurers be the next motivator for quitting smoking?

Insurance companies have put forward a proposal to charge a higher premium for covering smokers as a new form of motivator for individuals to quit their cigarette habit. WalMart is among the organizations spearheading this effort to make it more expensive for smokers to obtain health insurance coverage. However, whether or not it is right for medical insurance to make this choice is just as important as whether or not people will actually take control over their own health risks and stop their smoking habit. According to Psychologist Dr. Carol…

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Smokers are increasingly required to pay more for their health insurance

Starting on January 1, 2012, Dallas County employees in Texas will be required to pay an additional monthly $50 on their health insurance premiums if they smoke. This increase in premiums will not be charged to nonsmokers, but will also apply to each of the employee’s family members who smoke and who are covered by the health insurance plan provided by the county through the worker’s employment. According to Dallas County, there will be a medical cost savings of $500,000 as soon as next year as a result of this…

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