Not every health insurance exchange deadline has passed

health insurance exchange deadlines for rate filings

Last Friday was the official deadline for ACA enrollment but some states have issued extensions. Americans rushed to their state health insurance exchange to beat the enrollment deadline last Friday. That said, the Trump administration and some state exchanges have announced an extension of the deadline for certain individuals. This makes it possible for more Americans to obtain the coverage they need in time for the start of 2018. When Americans phoned the service center as of Saturday morning, they were greeted by a recorded message meant to assuage…

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Today is the health insurance deadline for enrolling millions of Americans

health insurance deadline enrollment

The federal government’s shorter end to the open enrollment period cuts off registrations for 2018 today. Americans across the country are being reminded that if they want to enroll before the health insurance deadline for 2018 coverage under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), they need to register today. Officials and ACA supporters are reminding people that if they want a health plan, they must enroll by tonight. State insurance departments are encouraging Americans to act with haste if they don’t want to miss the health insurance deadline for enrolling in…

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The health insurance deadline for enrollment extended through MNsure

Minnesota Health Insurance Trump Administration Lawsuit

Consumers in Minnesota will now have until December 28 to purchase the coverage they need for next year. The health insurance deadline for purchasing coverage through MNsure and insurers in Minnesota has now been extended in order to allow consumers a longer open enrollment period in which to purchase plans that will become effective as of 2016. Shoppers who have waited until the last moment can now buy a policy as late as December 28. The announcement from both MNsure and the insurers for the health insurance deadline has meant…

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Health care reform extensions continue for some Americans

health care reform extension

For most people, today is the last day to enroll in an insurance plan, but some have been granted more time. Today is the final official day to enroll in the insurance required by the individual mandate of the health care reform, but some Americans have been granted a little bit of extra time when they have previously been blocked by technical problems on the federal exchange website. A number of states that have their own exchanges have allowed for the same type of extension. Among the states that have…

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Health insurance plans are being snatched up with the deadline looming

Health Insurance exchange marketplaces

The end of the 2014 open enrollment period for the health care reform is only just over a week away. The Obama administration announced earlier this week that over 5 million people have now enrolled for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act, which suggests that the number of people signing up has picked up speed as the deadline for this year rapidly approaches. In the first half of this month, alone, an estimated 800,000 people signed up for coverage on the exchanges. Officials released a blog post that provide…

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