Young consumers remain confused about health insurance

health insurance for young adults

Study finds that young adults are still confused about insurance terminology Many young consumers are concerned about the cost of health insurance policies, but they are still confused about out-of-pocket expenses, according to a study from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. The study is quite small, with researchers observing 33 young adults between the ages of 19 and 30 as they purchased insurance coverage through The online marketplace has made it easier for consumers to acquire coverage, but they may not have a full understanding of insurance terminology. Consumers…

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Study shows 31 million people are not using their health insurance

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Commonwealth Fund study highlights the complications of medical costs and the health care system The Commonwealth Fund has released a new study called “The Problem of Underinsurance and How Rising Deductibles Will Make it Worse.” The study highlights the fact that many people with health insurance coverage are not actually using this coverage. There are many factors that contribute to these issues, but the high cost of medical care and high deductibles are proving to be a barrier to people using their insurance policies. High deductibles are a barrier for…

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Health insurance premiums grow among millennials

Health Insurance industry young millennial

Research shows that millennials are facing higher insurance premiums Health insurance coverage has become more accessible in the United States due to the Affordable Care Act, but the federal reform law has also lead to a significant increase in insurance premiums. Research from the Heritage Foundation has found that insurance premiums have increased, especially for millennials that have received coverage through exchanges. These exchanges have succeeded in offering coverage to consumers, but premiums continue to rise and place some people under greater financial strain. Premiums for young consumers are on…

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New report highlights the expensive nature of health insurance

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Many people in the US cannot afford the deductible on their health insurance policies The Kaiser Family Foundation has released a new report that shows that more consumers in the United States have health insurance, but fewer of these people are actually able to afford the deductible on their policies. The Affordable Care Act has helped make insurance coverage more accessible to consumers, but the law has not made deductibles for new policies affordable. Many consumers with mid-to-high range plans are unable to afford their deductibles because of a lack…

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A shift in health insurance will affect some 96,000 people in Nebraska

Blue Cross announces that coverage will be restored to consumers despite contract dispute with CHI Health Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska has announced some changes to the coverage it provides to some of those that have been affected by a contract dispute with CHI Health. Some CHI Health hospitals have been out of the Blue Cross network since September of this year due to the expiration of an agreement between the two companies. Blue Cross and CHI Health have been unable to form a new contract due to…

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Health insurance customers are avoiding medical care due to costs

U.S. Health Insurance

Survey from University of Chicago highlights the financial problem of health care in the US The University of Chicago has released the results of a new survey regarding those with private health insurance coverage in the U.S. The survey is meant to shed some light on the financial concerns that consumers have regarding their coverage, as well as the financial concerns they have for medical care overall. According to the survey, financial issues are one of the leading problems that consumers have when it comes to health care, and the…

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Study highlights cost of health insurance for state employees

Health Insurance time decision

States are spending $31 billion a year on covering their workers A new study from Pew Charitable Trusts shows that states have paid some $31 billion to ensure that their workers have health insurance coverage. The study is meant to offer some insight into the largest source of a state’s health care spending. Medicaid spending pales in comparison to the amount of money spent on keeping state workers covered through insurance plans. The amount of money being spent by states varies and is largely based on the insurance plans that…

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