Alternative painkiller insurance is hard to find in the US

alternative painkiller insurance medication health care cost

Despite the struggle the country is facing with the use of prescription opioids to reduce pain, patients have few choices. Over the last ten years, the prescription of opioids has skyrocketed but alternative painkiller insurance policies are few and far between. Consumers struggle to find insurance coverage for options outside highly addictive medications with serious risks. Fentanyl, oxycodone, hydrocodone and morphine prescriptions are climbing – as are opioid overdoses. This trend isn’t new – it has been around for about ten years – but it is far worse now than…

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Health insurance mergers may impede value-based care

health insurance mergers industry care

The Justice Department determined that if large insurers come together it would hinder new coverage model adoption. Health insurance mergers have been increasingly common lately. That said, they’ve also been generating a considerable amount of controversy at the same time. According to the U.S. Justice Department, if very large insurers should merge as they have been doing, it could be damaging to current industry model trends. Among the main changes in health care is the move away from fee-for-service medicine. Instead, private insurance and the government have been shifting toward…

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Health insurance companies are withdrawing from many U.S. markets

health insurance company online exchange

A number of insurers have been stepping out of a number of areas they have deemed to be unprofitable. The Affordable Care Act may be experiencing a shift in the health insurance companies that are continuing to participate in some marketplaces next year, particularly when it comes to those selling plans in rural areas. This may leave the residents of certain areas with health plan options from a single insurance company in 2017. According to state regulators, the online insurance exchanges that are central to the ACA in Alaska and…

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Could health insurance discrimination result from DNA data collection?

health insurance discrimination dna genetic testing

In all but one G7 country, there are laws to protect people from losing rights based on their genetics. There is a rising belief among geneticists that the completion of genome sequencing would cause people to discover things about themselves that they don’t want to know, but many don’t realize that health insurance discrimination could also result from this type of test. These tests produce a detailed analysis of a person’s complete genetic code and they are not expensive to obtain. Naturally, DNA tests will not guarantee that a person…

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California insurance premiums for health plans could spike by 8%

california insurance premiums

The rates for 2017 may be noticeably more expensive for residents of the Golden State. California insurance premiums may be heading upward next year according to an estimate that has been produced by the state’s exchange, to the point that the average person would be paying 8 percent more. Should this estimate be accurate, it will double the average increase seen over the last two years. This year and last year, there were increase to California insurance premiums, but they were a notably lower 4 percent. This latest forecasted increase…

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Health insurance policies are confusing patients, say emergency physicians

health insurance plans

A recent American College of Emergency Physicians report said decisions are made based on misunderstandings. A new report issued by the American College of Emergency Physicians has revealed that the vast majority of patients don’t understand their health insurance policies and it is causing them to make choices based on the wrong information. The report said that a survey of ER physicians showed that 90 percent of their patients don’t understand their coverage. The concern these physicians expressed was over the fact that some insurers sell some highly affordable health…

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Medicaid insurance plans receive federal standards makeover

Medicaid insurance plans standards

The Obama administration has now established a new set of standards for these private coverage plans. The primary source of coverage for millions of Americans, Medicaid insurance plans, are undergoing a significant change as the Obama administration has now laid out a fresh set of standards to which these policies must adhere. The new rules have been designed to address insurance companies that serve Medicaid customers. There are 39 states in which insurance companies are serving as a kind of middleman in order to make sure that customers have coverage.…

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New health insurance option may be coming to Wyoming

Wyoming Health Insurance

Wyoming may study the financial impact of opening up the state’s insurance plan to residents Those living in Wyoming may have a new option when it comes to health insurance coverage. The Wyoming Department of Health may study the possibility of allowing all those living in the state to join its existing insurance plan. The state’s Joint Appropriations Committee has approved to add the study to a two-year budget legislation that has been introduced. Lawmakers want to task the Department of Health with building a report concerning the financial impact…

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Massive health insurance mergers may undergo greater scrutiny in California

California health insurance

Consumer advocates are trying to convince regulators in that state and several others to scrutinize these deals. California is rapidly turning into the center of the controversy over the massive mergers that are going on in the health insurance industry as one company swallows up the next, shrinking the competition. Consumer advocates have been asking for greater scrutiny of this trend on over a dozen states across the U.S. In California and about twelve other key states, consumer advocates have been asking regulators to take a closer look at the…

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Texas health insurance providers are discontinuing certain policies

Texas health Insurance companies

Many Texans have been receiving letters informing them that their coverage won’t be available next year. All across the state, Texas health insurance customers have been receiving the letters that they don’t want to receive, which have been telling them that their insurers won’t be continuing their policies and that they will need to start shopping for new coverage for next year. The letters have informed them that even though they have made their payments on time, their health plans are canceled. These Texas health insurance policies have been discontinued,…

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