Doctors in Texas find an alternative to health insurance

Texas health Insurance companies

Direct primary care model may be ideal for some doctors Doctors in Texas may be pushing for an alternative to health insurance that they call “direct primary care.” Both the state and federal government have been working to address the financial issues of insurance coverage for Texas residents. Insurance costs are high throughout the state, which insurers suggest is due to the rising cost of medical care and various other factors. Doctors, however, believe that the cost of insurance coverage may be prohibiting people from receiving the care that they…

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Health insurance co-ops offer an alternative to exchanges

health insurance options

Health insurance co-ops are receiving little attention despite the benefits they offer Health insurance exchanges are receiving a great deal of attention throughout the U.S., but these marketplaces are not the only way for consumers to obtain coverage. Health insurance co-ops are another option that could offer coverage to consumers looking for affordable policies. These co-ops are generally non-profit organizations that are managed by their members, offering more consumer-oriented insurance plans than their counterparts in the private market. These co-ops have received relatively little attention when compared to exchanges. Co-ops…

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