Health insurance plans are being snatched up with the deadline looming

Health Insurance exchange marketplaces

The end of the 2014 open enrollment period for the health care reform is only just over a week away. The Obama administration announced earlier this week that over 5 million people have now enrolled for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act, which suggests that the number of people signing up has picked up speed as the deadline for this year rapidly approaches. In the first half of this month, alone, an estimated 800,000 people signed up for coverage on the exchanges. Officials released a blog post that provide…

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Health insurance penalties could add up quickly for the uninsured

health insurance bills stress

Federal penalties may be more costly than people may realize The federal health insurance mandate has been in effect in the U.S. for nearly three months, but penalties for those without insurance coverage are not expected to be seen until after March 31. When the open enrollment period for insurance exchanges comes to a close, those without insurance coverage will become vulnerable to federal penalties. These penalties levy a 1% of annual household income fee or a flat rate of $95 based on yearly income. These penalties, however, may only…

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Health insurance exchanges have yet to scoop up the uninsured

health insurance

Two surveys have revealed that Americans without coverage aren’t flocking to the marketplaces. With the end of open enrollment on March 31 drawing rapidly near, surveys are now revealing that the health insurance exchanges aren’t yet enrolling the number of uninsured Americans that would be necessary to consider the health care reform a roaring success. The first survey suggested that only 1 in 10 uninsured individuals have completed their private plan enrollment. Although these online health insurance marketplaces are now seeing consistent use, they are not drawing the number of…

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Health care reform continues for states with insurance exchange disasters

health care reform

The government has just expanded its assistance for purchasing insurance to provide Americans with more help. The deadline is now less than a month away, and as Americans scramble to make their last minute insurance purchases in order to comply with the health care reform, the Obama administration has bent a few of the rules to help to ensure that people won’t be left without coverage due to struggles with some of the state run exchanges. Residents of states where the insurance exchanges have never been made to work properly…

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Health insurance exchanges could have had serious security issues in the past

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New information shows that exchanges were developed hastily by the federal government Health insurance exchanges in the U.S. could have been plagued by serious security issues as they were being formed, according to information from the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. Several states had opted to allow the federal government to develop insurance exchanges rather than building these exchanges themselves. Because the federal government faced a serious deadline concerning getting these exchanges up and running. As such, the government may have left some aspects of the exchange network vulnerable.…

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Health care reform enrollment goal reached in Maryland, after all

Maryland Health insurance

A research error had made the success of the state’s exchange look unlikely until it was finally identified. Since the start of the implementation of the health care reform in Maryland, it has looked like the state would only just barely meet its enrollment goals – if it would actually reach them at all. However, recent reports have shown that the first goal that was set was actually based on inaccurate data. As it turns out, since the data upon which the original health care reform enrollment goal was established,…

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Health care reform is causing public sector shift cuts

Health care Reform

In order to bypass the requirements of the insurance law, workers are becoming part time employees. According to local and state officials across the country, public employees are finding their hours cut back and limited to that of part time workers when they had previously been working full time, as their employers are trying to skirt the health care reform requirement to provide them with insurance. This has been the case in public schools, community colleges, cities, and counties. The public sector is an area that has yet to experience…

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