US Health and Life Insurance in the Next 5 Years

Life Insurance

Taking out life insurance is an important decision that provides your beneficiary with a benefit at the moment of your death. However, when it comes to thinking of the future, health care is a factor that does not only contribute to your wellness, but that will be connected to changes in life insurance terms now that the Obama administration is moving forward with the health care law. The health care law that presumes to provide equal opportunities to all American citizens to receive medical attention and get insured regardless if…

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New Jersey taking tentative steps toward a health insurance exchange

New Jersey may be one step closer to building its own health insurance exchange after state officials, industry analysts and stakeholders met Wednesday to discuss the issue. The meeting was hosted by the NJ for Health Care and NJ Citizen Action Education Fund. Both organizations advocate health care reform for the sake of New Jersey residents. Born from the meeting was a common consensus that the state should take measures to establish its own insurance exchange to ensure that it has control of the program by the 2014 deadline. Ray…

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Former Secretary of Health and Human Services speaks out about insurance exchanges

The Affordable Care Act was first introduced as an initiative to overhaul the nation’s failing health care system. While its aims may be altruistic, the health care law’s most recognized success lies in the ruffling of feathers amongst politicians. Steeped in controversy, many state lawmakers are overlooking a key provision of the act, which dictates that all states must host a self-sustaining health insurance exchange. Turning a blind eye to this provision may weaken a state’s authority in their own insurance industry, says Mike Leavitt, former Secretary of the Department…

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