India aligns itself for largest health care overhaul the world has ever seen

India health care overhaul - Flag of India

The country is completely reforming its medical care quality, availability and reduce mortality. India is in the midst of a massive health care overhaul that will become the largest in the world once complete. The goal is to help to ensure health care is available to everyone in the country, not just the wealthy. At the moment, the richest people across the country have ready access to health care. In fact, they can even experience the medical care they need in a luxury resort-style facility. The goal of the health…

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Cancer insurance coverage is not consistent for keeping hair during chemo

Cancer Insurance - Medicine in drip at hospital

Patients no longer need to lose their hair from chemotherapy, but insurers don’t always pay for it. New treatments are now available to stop hair loss as a chemotherapy side effect, but many cancer insurance policies are not covering it. Oncologists feel that, especially for women, this is an important technique to ensure people get well. “Several patients have told me it’s one of the worst side effects of their treatment. It can affect them really badly psychosocially. Some patients have even refused lifesaving chemotherapy because they don’t want to…

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State health care study ranks insurance coverage across the country

State health care study - Book with pages shaped like a heart

A new data analysis has revealed the best and worst performing states for U.S. health insurance. Vermont currently boasts the best state health care system, whereas Louisiana’s is the very worst, according to a new study conducted by CDC data shows that 88.1 percent of Americans have access to regular medical care. That said, despite the availability of state health care for most Americans, the quality and cost of those services varies greatly across the country. Depending on the individual state, there is a significant difference in the population’s…

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Thousands in Arkansas fear lost health insurance benefits under new rules

Health Insurance Benefits - Time For Change - chalkboard

Medicaid changes in Republican led states are often aligning with Trump’s efforts to dismantle Obamacare. One state at a time, health insurance benefits are changing for those reliant on Medicaid and whose governors are Republican. As the GOP works to take Obamacare apart, many states now have stricter Medicaid regulations. Arkansas has become the first state to push the new health insurance benefits rule. It will require state residents to have to provide proof of their employment or volunteer status in order to keep their Medicaid coverage. As the law…

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Health insurance policies reduce the risk of emergency surgery

Health insurance plan

A recent study has shown that people who are uninsured are more likely to require urgent procedures. The results of a new insurance news study have revealed that whether or not someone has coverage is linked to that person’s risk of having to undergo emergency aorta surgery, and that health insurance coverage is also tied to how well those people will actually do after they have received the operation. People who were uninsured had a notably larger risk of having to have urgent surgery on the aorta. The health insurance…

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Health care reform leads Kathleen Sebelius to step down

Healthcare Reform - Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services

The HHS secretary will now be leaving her post and the OMB director will be replacing her. The Health and Human Services Secretary, has announced in recent health care reform news that she has resigned from her post, bringing an end to a turbulent tenure as the primary voice for the Affordable Care Act. President Obama spoke at a Rose Garden ceremony, to nominate his budget director to succeed Sebelius. Obama stated that “After five years of extraordinary service to our country, and seven and a half million Americans who’ve…

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Health insurance policies throughout US could face cancelation

Health Insurance policies

Affordable Care Act may cause mass cancellation of health insurance policies In the U.S., the Affordable Care Act is meant to make health insurance coverage more available to a wider range of consumers. The federal health care law initially received strong praise for its provisions that would allow consumers to find the health insurance coverage they needed without being met with staunch rejection from private insurance companies. The problem, however, is that the law’s provisions may actually lead to many people losing their health insurance coverage as the law takes effect in…

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States seek alternative to Medicaid health insurance expansion

health insurance exchanges

Lawmakers continue to wrangle with health insurance requirements The Affordable Care Act will become fully enacted next year, leaving states throughout the U.S. relatively little time to comply with the federal law’s numerous provisions. One of these provisions, in particular, has been somewhat controversial in several states. That is the mandatory expansion of Medicaid. While the Medicaid program is, technically, overseen by the federal government, each state has its own division of the program which they are required to govern. Per the Affordable Care Act, all states must expand their…

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Supercomputer Watson to take on the health insurance industry

Health Insurance IBM Watson

Watson making an entry into health insurance The Watson supercomputer, one of the most advanced computers on the planet, has made an entry into the insurance industry. Since 2011, IBM, makers of the advanced artificial intelligence computer, has been using Watson to improve the health care industry. The supercomputers capabilities have drawn a great deal of acclaim in this field and has helped modernize many of the computer systems that govern health care. Now, Watson is graduating from the medical world to take on health insurance. Supercomputer will help assess…

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Wal-Mart looks into private health insurance exchange

Walmart Health Insurance

Wal-Mart begins seeking alternative health insurance solutions Health care overhaul seems to be an unstoppable force in the U.S., and that has put many parties, such as employers, in a somewhat difficult position. As part of the Affordable Care Act, states are being required to host health insurance exchanges. One of the problems concerning these exchanges is that they are designed with consumers in mind, not businesses. Thus, a public exchange system may not be viable for large companies that provide their employees with health insurance benefits. Wal-Mart is among…

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