Hawaii’s largest insurers pulls out of health insurance exchange

Hawaii long term care insurance industry

The Hawaii Medical Services Association is abandoning the state’s insurance exchange Hawaii’s largest insurance company has pulled out of the state’s health insurance exchange, Hawaii Health Connector. The insurer, the Hawaii Medical Service Association, opted to pull its small business plans from the exchange late last week. Next year, agents working with small businesses will have only one insurer to work with through the exchange: Kaiser Permanente. The decision is not expected to affect individual health insurance plans in any way and many of the states insurers do not have…

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Health care reform may take a step backward in Hawaii

Hawaii Health insurance company

The largest insurance company in the state is calling for the closure of the troubled exchange. The CEO of the largest health insurance company in Hawaii has now stated that he feels that the state’s exchange – a central part of the health care reform – should simply be shut down as it is too troubled to be worth its while. The website was created in order to provide residents with the ability to compare and shop for policies. This was one of the states that had decided to operate…

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