New Hampshire insurance exchange won’t lose any insurers in 2018

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Regardless of the uncertainty in the industry, all companies have indicated their intent to return. The New Hampshire insurance exchange won’t be following the trend of states losing insurers next year. Instead, the marketplace has managed to hang on to the companies currently selling health plans there. The uncertainty regarding the future of the Affordable Care Act caused doubts in some states. There are four insurers selling on the New Hampshire insurance exchange and each have now submitted their applications to do so next year. The New Hampshire Insurance Department…

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Insurers in Massachusetts gain approval for health insurance rate increases

Massachusetts insurance regulators have approved a number of rate increase proposals from some of the state’s largest health insurance companies. Governor Deval Patrick supports the approval, citing rising health care costs that threaten to make an already ill economy more volatile. Consumer advocacy groups have decried the rate increases, saying that they put undue financial stress on those struggling to make ends meet. Regulators, however, have only approved proposals whose increases were less than 9% in the hopes of lightening the impact of higher rates. Blue Cross Blue Shield has…

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