Homeowners insurance risk warnings for Halloween celebrations issued

halloween homeowners insurance claims

As property owners add their decorations and prepare for parties this weekend, there are certain cautions from the industry. As Halloween approaches, people have started to decorate their homes in preparation for trick or treaters and for parties that will be held this upcoming weekend (the last one before the holiday), but the industry is warning that there are certain risks involved and that homeowners insurance should be properly checked and understood before proceeding. This way, it can help to avoid possible problems and misunderstandings with insurers. It can also…

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Homeowners insurance claims rise following Mischief Week in the U.K.

Vandalism Homeowners Insurance Claims

Estimates are saying that over five million houses have already been damaged. The most recent estimates are saying that more than five million houses in the United Kingdom have experienced damage this week, leading to another round of homeowners insurance claims related to “Mischief Week”, which includes Bonfire Night and Halloween. Predictions are suggesting that this will lead to about £1.4 billion in repair costs. This means that each affected property will receive an average of £273. The most common cause behind these damages is thrown eggs. However, 1.5 million…

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Safety tips for Halloween night

Halloween Insurance News - Safety

Industry officials have made recommendations this year so that planning will help prevent problems. The Pennsylvania Insurance Department has released an insurance news statement that reminds homeowners about the importance of using common sense and a few safety tips to ensure that Halloween night will be a safe one. With parties, trick or treating children, and many other unpredictable elements a little care can go a long way. With all of these different factors at plan, there are many chances for a mishap on that evening. The insurance news release…

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