Crop insurance program is under the microscope due to droughts

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This year, America’s farmers are relying on their coverage, possibly more than ever before. The historic drought of 2012 is drawing significant attention to the federal crop insurance program that is designed to assist American farmers throughout times such as this, when natural events cause significant damage to the ability of growers to produce. As the losses on farms continue to rise, it is expected that the program will fork over $18 billion in assistance. Of that money, up to $10 billion of it will have come from taxpayers. This…

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Crop insurance has become critical to the survival of some farmers

Crop insurance program 2014

This year’s droughts have made the coverage vital to many American growers. Farmers have been helplessly watching their corn, wheat, and other produce wither and die and are now relying on crop insurance to get them through the worst drought that the United States has seen in over a half century. The federal program to protect growers has become an important part of survival this year. Without its assistance, many farmers – who are already battling with the high prices of land, cash rents, and high price inputs – would…

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