Idaho’s health insurance exchange plans up for debate

Idaho health insurance

Health insurance exchange plans to be debated this week Idaho is one among several states in the U.S. where a state-run health insurance exchange is taking form. Governor C.L. Otter is a strong supporter of the notion that Idaho should be allowed to operate its own exchange system, rather than allowing the federal government to do so. As such, Governor Otter has proposed legislation that would establish such an exchange. This week, the House Health and Welfare Committee will begin debate on the Governor’s proposed legislation. Lawmakers remain divided on…

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Idaho may miss chance to build health insurance exchange

Idaho Insurance Commissioner, Bill Deal

Upheld law requires states to comply with provisions The Affordable Care Act has been upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court. While many may still oppose the law and its various provisions, states are required to comply with the law or risk facing consequences. For those that have spent the better part of the past two years fighting the law, it may be too late to comply with one of its less controversial provisions: The establishment of health insurance exchanges. This may indeed be the case for Idaho. Insurance Commissioner warns…

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Idaho to shun federal financial aid for building a health insurance exchange

Idaho legislators are opposing the idea of using federal grants to build a health insurance exchange in the state. Last year, the Department of Health and Human Services rewarded $20.3 million to the state in order to help with the project. Governor C.L. Otter was eager to use the money to push ahead the construction effort and prepare the state for a new health insurance system. Legislators failed to approve a plan that would put the money to use, however, they are now looking to build an exchange without federal…

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Idaho seeks federal aid for the building of an insurance exchange, yet legislators are leery of the program overall

Idaho officials have submitted an application to the federal government for financial aid on constructing a health insurance exchange in the state. Millions of dollars could be headed for the state if the application is approved. Much of the money will be used to plan and build exchange program, but any efforts will first need the approval of the state’s Legislature, which has been slow to warm to the overarching federal health care law. Idaho legislators have only approved of submitting the application for federal funds, thus far. Idaho has…

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Federal regulators step in to take charge of Idaho’s review of insurance rates

A number of private insurance companies in Idaho have submitted rate increase proposals to the state’s Department of Insurance. Normally, the issues would be handled by state regulators, but the federal government will be stepping in to handle the investigation beginning in the fall. This move is inspired by an executive order from Governor C.L. Otter, which has banned the state from adhering to the overarching federal health care law. Otter’s order means that the state is unable to comply with federal regulations regarding insurance rates. Because the state cannot…

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