Long-term care insurance is helping people remain in their homes longer

Long-term care insurance Coverage - Caretaker visiting Person at Home

This coverage is being included in retirement plans for people who want to avoid care facilities. It isn’t uncommon for people to want to remain in their homes for as long as possible as they age, and long-term care insurance as a part of a retirement strategy is starting to grow in popularity once more. The growth is slow, as the coverage is not cheap, but as people plan for the future, they see its value. Assisted living communities and nursing homes are also not cheap, so as many people…

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Long term care insurance takes another hit from exiting insurers

Long Term Care Insurance Industry - Insurance companies exiting - Goodbye

Another major player in this sector of the insurance industry has announced its market withdrawal. Amid a slew of existing struggles in the long term care insurance industry, Genworth has now announced that it has stopped selling individual stand-alone policies. Genworth had once been the largest seller of L.T.C. coverage in the United States. Genworth’s cessation of long term care insurance sales is immediate as a part of a broader move. This is becoming an increasing trend in the long term care insurance industry. Genworth is no longer selling individual…

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Life insurance sales placed in suspension at Genworth Financial

life insurance agent policy

As the firm enters into restructuring plans, it has now ceased the sale of those policies until further notice. Genworth Financial Inc. has now announced the suspension of some of its life insurance product sales, after having posted a Q4 loss for 2015, which meant that it had continued to lose money throughout every quarter of that year. The company is now entering into restructuring plans in order to overcome its considerable financial challenges. As a result of this announcement and as the insurer begins the planning for its restructuring,…

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Long term care insurance review gives Genworth stock a slap in the face

Long Term Care Insurance Premiums on the Rise

The reaction from Wall Street was far from positive as the company looks into its claims reserves. When Genworth Financial Inc. announced that it would be reviewing the adequacy of their claims reserves with regards to their long term care insurance business, the reaction from Wall Street was to send the company’s stock tumbling. The company has already reported that it had experienced a drop in its operating profits in the second quarter. In fact, the long term care insurance company’s stock fell by 14 percent, bringing it down $2.28…

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Long-term care insurance industry eyes gender-specific pricing

long term care insurance trends

Long-term care insurance to see major shift in policy pricing The long-term care insurance industry is making moves to break away from its traditional unisex focus to adopt a more gender-based pricing structure. Several long-term care insurance companies have begun focusing on health care information that separates women from men and these companies believe that the time is right to address the issues that these two parties represent by restructuring fees and altering the prices associated with certain policies. Genworth is one such company. Genworth to embrace gender-specific pricing Genworth…

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