Same sex couple insurance rights get a shot in the arm from Obama

same sex couple insurance plans health care reform

The administration has now moved to broaden access to health plans by closing a controversial loophole. On Friday, the Obama administration made a move to improve same sex couple insurance access when it comes to health plans by beginning an effort to close an existing loophole that would risk leaving certain patients with HIV/AIDS without any coverage. The Health and Human Services Department made two different announcements on the subject. The first stated that insurers that are offering spousal coverage for those who are heterosexual must also provide same sex…

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Health care reform taking an extra step for inclusion of LGBT community

Health Care Reform

Efforts being made to make sure that the Affordable Care Act applies to transgender people. The Department of Health and Human Services has recently released a letter that has been hailed by lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) advocates, and that has clarified certain health care reform provisions that prohibit sex discrimination that is currently experienced by transgender people through their coverage. The HHS has stated that it is discriminatory for these individuals to be denied coverage. This regulation applies to both employers and insurers, who, based on the health…

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