Nationwide plans to keep remote insurance jobs permanently in 5 states

Remote insurance jobs - laptop on desk

The insurer has made it possible for many employees to work from home even after offices fully open. Nationwide has announced its intention to permanently transition into an operating model that functions as a hybrid between in-office and remote insurance jobs. The employees who will be heading to the office will be those at the four main corporate campuses. The insurer will keep the in-office workers primarily at its four main corporate campuses. That said, it will keep its remote insurance jobs in place for the majority of other locations.…

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Google may break into the US auto insurance market

google tablet ipad auto insurance

Analysts suggest that Google could launch a new insurance comparison service in the US Google may soon be offering auto insurance coverage in the United States, according to analysts with Forrester Research. Analysts predict that Google will soon launch its Google Compare service, which is designed to be an auto insurance comparison shopping platform. This platform would allow consumers to search for insurance coverage offered by numerous companies and find the policies that best suit their needs. While Google will not be offering coverage itself, it could soon become a…

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Mobile auto insurance honor handed to GEICO

Geico auto Insurance

An independent research firm has said that the insurer’s smartphone functionality tops the ranks. According to Forrester Research, when it comes to mobile auto insurance functionality, GEICO is leading the way in the industry and is providing the best overall customer experience. Considering the importance of smartphones and cell phones in our lives, this is an important statement. The November 2013 report has been released by Forrester Research to include their 2013 U.S. Mobile Insurance Functionality Rankings. They determined that when it came to the performance of mobile auto insurance…

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Insurance industry communication tech is antiquated

mobile phone video insurance industry technology

According to a recent report, companies and organizations are using old technology for communicating. According to a report that was sponsored by GMC Software Technology, many companies throughout the insurance industry aren’t supporting modern communications either within their own organizations or for interaction with their customers. This, despite the fact that these same companies feel that multichannel communication is a priority. The survey involved the participation of 90 different insurers and was conducted by Forrester Research. It placed its focus on communication between companies in the insurance industry and their…

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