Metromile partners with Ford for pay per mile insurance

Pay per mile insurance - Speedometer

The automaker is offering the coverage along with the sale of all its new connected cars. Ford is offering new car buyers an opportunity to use pay per mile insurance to safe money on their auto coverage. As millions of Americans have changed their driving habits and are working from home, there may be an opportunity to save on lower annual mileage. The automaker is offering the coverage through Metromile start-up auto insurance company. The partnership between Ford and Metromile may make it easier for drivers to access the pay…

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Ford SYNC could help drivers save on their auto insurance coverage

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Ford introduces new technology to help drivers lower their insurance premiums Famed automaker Ford has developed a new Internet-based technology that could help U.S. drivers save on their auto insurance. Automakers are beginning to play a bigger role in the insurance industry, with many introducing ways for consumers to save on coverage. Some of these companies, such as Ford, have partnered with insurance companies for the benefit of consumers. Ford has teamed with State Farm Insurance to introduce its new Ford SYNC technology, which allows vehicles to connect to the…

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