Auto insurance changes in Florida may not lower premiums

florida no fault car insurance

Alterations to PIP may not bring relief to drivers’ wallets. The Florida no fault auto insurance program has just experienced a number of alterations in the hopes that the residents of the state would face lower premiums resulting from the crackdown on fraud. Fraudulent claims have been rampant in the state, driving rates ever upward. Governor Rick Scott and the lawmakers in the Republican party have promised that no-fault insurance premiums will slide as a result of these efforts. However, a company that was hired to perform an evaluation on…

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New auto insurance law in Florida to prevent fraud

Florida proof of Auto Insurance

State cracks down on massive scam problem with several new laws that took effect on Sunday. Three new measures and anti-fraud auto insurance laws will be included among 150 new regulations in Florida, in a part of the state’s efforts to crack down on a serious scam problem with their personal injury protection (PIP) laws. The changes take direct aim at the way that auto insurance functions within the state. The PIP coverage has been in place in Florida since 1972. Since that time, all drivers in Florida have been…

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Florida PIP reform a point of contention amongst lawmakers, special session may be necessary

Though Florida lawmakers have been working toward making changes to the state’s personal injury protection (PIP) insurance regulations, reform efforts have run into trouble. Legislators have been arguing over House Bill 119, which would have required accidents victims to be treated in emergency rooms rather than clinics. Since the bill gained resounding support earlier in the months, over a dozen amendments had been added one its way to the Senate. The amendments have been a source of chaos, as some legislators have expressed confusion regarding what the bill will actually…

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Study shows that millions of Americans drive drunk each year

– Could spur new drunk driving and insurance laws in Florida. A new study from Online Auto Insurance, an insurance organization that conducts regular research on a variety of issues facing the insurance industry, shows that millions of U.S. motorists drive drunk every year. The study highlights the need for stricter laws regarding drunk driving and notes that the sheer number of people driving under the influence of alcohol may be driving up insurance prices. The study corroborates findings from a recent report from the Centers for Disease Control and…

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