Reinsurance industry may win subsidies in Florida

homeowners insurance rates grow

Lawmakers consider new subsidies for the reinsurance industry This year, the Florida Legislature will be considering several proposals that could have a major impact on windstorm insurance throughout the state. Lawmakers continue to grapple with a problematic insurance market, where many insurance companies are either looking to raise rates exponentially or abandon certain sectors entirely. Given the ongoing problems with the state’s Citizens Property Insurance organization, lawmakers are eager to address any issues that insurance companies may have, and may be turning to the reinsurance industry to do just that.…

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Florida Catastrophe Fund may be out of money

Florida Catastrophe Fund Insurance News

Florida Catastrophe Fund facing serious financial troubles It is no secret that Florida is prone to hurricanes and flooding disasters. This is one of the reasons many property insurers have chosen not to offer coverage in some parts of the state. In 2010 and 2011, Florida was pummeled by powerful storms that caused widespread damage to homes and businesses. Because many insurers were not liable to pay claims associated with damage they do not cover, consumers had to turn to the Florida Catastrophe Fund. Now, information is coming to light…

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Insurers blast Florida lawmakers for inaction on Catastrophe Fund and Citizens Insurance

The Association of Bermuda Insurers and Reinsurers (ABIR) have begun criticizing Florida lawmakers over their inaction on the state’s Hurricane Catastrophe Fund. Legislators are also coming under fire from ABIR over their failure to take action on the troubled Citizens Property Insurance Corp., the state run insurance organization that accounts for the majority of coverage in the state. Both the Catastrophe Fund and Citizens Insurance are being crippled by financial problems, which could put the state in a very dangerous position once this year’s hurricane season kicks off. Insurers had…

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