This week in Insurance News Headlines

Live Insurance News Video – This week in the headlines…   Stories we covered in today’s headlines along with notes and highlights… Title: Consumer satisfaction in homeowners insurance sector continues to climb  Insurance agents will be happy to hear that the latest report in from J.D. Powers makes note of consumers satisfaction is higher than ever when a claim is reported to the agent first opposed to them  being redirected to the insurance company. The study shows that consumer satisfaction is climbing despite the problems that recent natural disasters have…

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Flood insurance could soon be mandatory for 35,000 property owners in New York

Flood Insurance Flood Map

FEMA introduces revised flood maps that could expand flood insurance requirements The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has introduced new flood maps for the East Coast U.S. this week that could force many property owners and businesses to purchase flood insurance coverage. The federal agency has been working to revise flood maps over the past two years, addressing some of the emerging threats that have been brought to light by powerful storms, such as Hurricane Sandy. These storms have caused widespread flooding in many parts of the East Coast and…

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