Californians should purchase flood insurance, says FEMA

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The Federal Emergency Management Agency says residents of the state need the coverage ahead of El Nino this winter. Officials from FEMA have been urging residents of California to buy flood insurance to cover their homes against damage from rising waters that are very likely in some areas this winter as it is predicted that there will be a strong El Nino. FEMA is advising Californians to purchase these policies regardless of whether they are in the highest risk areas. In fact, the recommendation for purchasing flood insurance has been…

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Flood insurance policy ownership plummets in California

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Due to the ongoing droughts, Californians just don’t see the reason to pay for this coverage. As both state and local officials have now been saying that the droughts that California has been facing may, in fact, be a “new normal” for the state, flood insurance ownership has fallen by 12 percent. An estimated 30,000 insurance policies have been cancelled as they are no longer viewed as worth the price. The decrease by 12 percent has happened from 2012 until now. The reason is that the reduction in rainfall and…

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Agents see surge in interest regarding flood insurance

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Consumers are becoming more interested in flood protection Agents are making note of a surge in flood insurance sales as homeowners seek protection from disastrous events. Recent storms have caused floods in several parts of the country, and many people affected by these disasters have learned that their homeowners insurance policies do not offer the protection they need. Most typical homeowners policies do not offer flood protection, which can only be found through the National Flood Insurance Program, managed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Homeowners may be too slow…

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FEMA to review rejected flood insurance claims

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FEMA will be reviewing claims associated with Hurricane Sandy The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has announced that it will begin reviewing flood insurance games that are related to Hurricane Sandy. In late October of 2012, a powerful storm struck the eastern United States, causing severe damage to properties with its strong winds. The majority of the damage caused by the storm came from flooding, however, and many homeowners found themselves in a difficult situation due to their lack of flood insurance coverage. Homeowners find that their policies do not…

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Flood insurance refunds coming to policyholders

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FEMA has announced that refunds will be issued for consumers covered by flood protection The Federal Emergency Management Agency has announced that refunds for those that have overpaid their flood insurance premiums will begin being delivered this week. These refunds are part of federal action that has modified a law that was enacted in 2012. The law had initially put an end to subsidies being offered by the federal government, but revisions to the law have reinstated these subsidies, and has also authorized the issuance of refunds from the Federal…

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Flood insurance isn’t protecting most homeowners in Arizona

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The majority of property owners in the state do not have this coverage, but some are starting to change their minds. The majority of homeowners across Arizona have been learning an important lesson about flood insurance over the last few weeks as they discover that this protection is not included as a part of the standard home policy. After the recent downpours, it is still likely that most Arizonans won’t buy the coverage, but some will. Many homeowners are hopeful – and quite expect – that if something should happen,…

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Flood insurance coverage fails Detroit homeowners

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Many metro Detroit homeowners will not receive compensation for damage caused by flooding. The aftermath of last week’s flooding in metro Detroit, most of which was the cause of sewer backups, has left a number of homeowners in the area with flooded basements and, much to the dismay of many of these residents, they learned that most flood insurance does not cover damaged objects, such as furniture, fridges, computers, and televisions. Some structures in the basement are covered and some are not. According to FEMA guidelines, ordinary federally supported flood…

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