Flood insurance refunds coming to policyholders

flood insurance rates

FEMA has announced that refunds will be issued for consumers covered by flood protection The Federal Emergency Management Agency has announced that refunds for those that have overpaid their flood insurance premiums will begin being delivered this week. These refunds are part of federal action that has modified a law that was enacted in 2012. The law had initially put an end to subsidies being offered by the federal government, but revisions to the law have reinstated these subsidies, and has also authorized the issuance of refunds from the Federal…

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Flood insurance coverage fails Detroit homeowners

West virginia Flood Insurance Coverage

Many metro Detroit homeowners will not receive compensation for damage caused by flooding. The aftermath of last week’s flooding in metro Detroit, most of which was the cause of sewer backups, has left a number of homeowners in the area with flooded basements and, much to the dismay of many of these residents, they learned that most flood insurance does not cover damaged objects, such as furniture, fridges, computers, and televisions. Some structures in the basement are covered and some are not. According to FEMA guidelines, ordinary federally supported flood…

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Louisiana flood insurance hurts the state’s rank in “best-run states”

Louisiana Flood Insurance

However, a recent bill to delay the increases to the rates for this coverage could help. A recent survey conducted by a online website for financial news has taken the Louisiana flood insurance rate struggles into account among other issues faced by the state, and has slapped it with a ranking of a lousy 44th place when determining the “best-run states”. The site that ran the survey did admit that when it came to rating, it was “difficult to objectively assess”. At the same time, that website also said that…

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Flood insurance rates are on the rise in the US

flood insurance bill

Financial burdens increase as flood insurance costs grow Health insurance is not the only kind of coverage that is undergoing significant changes in the U.S. Flood insurance has long been a problematic issue for many homeowners throughout the country, but this type of coverage has begun to attract more attention as homeowners and businesses begin to bear a larger financial burden. Friendly Insurance of Texas suggests that flood insurance rates for homeowners will grow, regardless of whether their properties are located in flood-prone areas or not. Policies through federal program…

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Rising flood insurance rates draw ire of property owners

Flood insurance rates growing too quickly for many property owners to handle Property owners throughout the U.S. have begun banding together to oppose costly flood insurance rate hikes. Premiums on all flood insurance policies that were renewed after October 1 have grown by an average of 10%, putting more financial strain on property owners throughout the country. The majority of these policies are issued through the National Flood Insurance Program, which has been undergoing a significant overhaul over the past two years. Property owners are reaching out to the U.S.…

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Importance of flood insurance highlighted in Colorado

Flood Insurance

Colorado disaster draws attention to flood insurance The importance of flood insurance coverage has again been exemplified in Colorado. The state has fallen victim to heavy rainfall, which has sparked floods in many densely populated communities. Record-breaking rainfall and the steep mountains found throughout the state created a major flooding disaster for residents of Larimer and Boulder counties. Thousands of homeowners were evacuated from some communities, returning to find that their properties were uninhabitable. Moreover, many of these homeowners found that their homes were not protected because of their lack…

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Flood insurance now assured for UK homeowners

UK Flood homeowners insurance program

Residents of many villages that thought they may no longer be able to find coverage now have it guaranteed. The people living in a number of villages throughout the United Kingdom, such as those in the area of Worcester and its surrounds, are now breathing a sigh of relief as they hear that their flood insurance will be guaranteed. The coverage was on extremely shaky grounds as the government and insurers in the country negotiated. The negotiations were not looking very promising for some time, but the government and the…

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