House Fire Safety: This One Life-Saving Tip Makes a 900 Degree Difference

House Fire Safety - Closed Door

Preparation and quick action can be a matter of life and death in the instance of a home blaze. Having the right house fire safety strategy in place can help to keep you and your family safe. This can involve a number of basics but also one surprisingly simple step. A better understanding of how and when house fires happen can keep you safer. Many people don’t realize that about half of all house fires occur between the hours of 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. For most people, this means…

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Homeowners insurance rates could fall following new rating from fire department

mobile alabama mayor samuel jones homeowners insurance

Some residents of Mobile, Alabama may find that new safety scores could bring their premiums down. Local fire departments are playing a new role for homeowners insurance customers in Mobile, Alabama, in that the safety ratings that they have been issuing are making it possible for those policyholders to save money on their premiums. An increase in fire stations and firefighters, among other factors, are converting into coverage savings. Alabama homeowners insurance customers are experiencing a faster response time due to many factors, including a raise in the number of…

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