American Insurance Association enters coalition between US and UK despite Brexit

American Insurance Association UK coalition

The trade association for P/C insurance leaders will use the coalition to make notable improvements. As Brexit Day in March 2019 moves ever closer, the American Insurance Association was undaunted and joined a coalition between the United States and the United Kingdom. The goal is to boost discussion from both countries regarding investment and trade in the industry. The American Insurance Association is the property and casualty insurance industry trade association. It recently announced it would join the American side of the Financial and Related Professional Services Coalition with the…

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Insurance and Credit

Insurance and credit

Credit is sometimes a controversial subject that few people really understand. For those familiar with the financial service industry, credit is a simple matter, but not everyone is familiar. For most, credit means nothing more than credit score, a seemingly arbitrary rating of a person’s financial value. Credit is somewhat more complex than that, however, especially when it comes to the insurance industry and a company’s willingness to take on financial risks. A credit score is a gauge of a person’s overall financial risk. A low credit score means that…

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Survey says that car dealerships profit big time from selling insurance products

Finaccord, a financial market research group, conducted a study across 26 countries regarding the financial impact of up-selling consumers on “extras” when they purchase a new car. The numbers are staggering on how it’s affecting car dealers and manufacturers profit margins.   When dealerships partake in selling insurance products like gap insurance, extended warranties, auto insurance, roadside assistant programs and creditor insurance they benefit wildly. According to Finnacord, their study shows the importance of the said factors to the automotive industry in the whole of Europe. In the countries that were…

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