FTC issues warning about health insurance scams

Small Business health insurance

States are promoting their insurance exchanges, but consumers could be at risk of exploitation Many states in the U.S. are beginning to promote their health insurance exchange ahead of a new open enrollment period, but consumers are being warned that they could be taken advantage of by scams. The Federal Trade Commission has issued a warning about insurance scams that seek to prey on those that are shopping for policies through state-based exchange marketplaces. These exchanges will begin selling coverage in November, and those that are not careful about how…

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Protect Yourself From Health Insurance Scams

California Insurance company Fraud scam

The U.S. health care system has changed significantly since the passage of the Affordable Care Act. The federal law introduced many changes to the insurance space and health care market and helped change the way that people shop for health insurance coverage. With the launch of insurance exchanges, new marketplaces were opened up to consumers, but these exchanges also represented a promising opportunity for scammers that are looking to exploit a person’s private information. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission recently issued a warning about the growing prevalence of insurance scams,…

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Newly drafted bill will oblige faster disclosure following data breach

Congress has been reviewing draft legislation requiring organizations to take greater care with the security of the personal data of their customers, and to offer faster disclosure should a data breach occur.  U.S. Representative Mary Bono Mack has circulated draft legislation of a bill for discussion on this topic after having held several hearings in order to reprimand Sony Corp. for taking so long to inform their customers about data lost during an attack to their PlayStation network.  Moreover, the proposed bill would include a regulation for businesses to start…

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