The federal flood insurance program is broken and the repairs will be costly

Federal Flood Insurance - US Congress
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NFIP is now fifty years old but the program has not undergone a healthy aging process. The subsidized federal flood insurance program is half a century old and is in dire need of fixes – or potentially a complete overhaul – that will, unfortunately, be unavoidably expensive. The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) has become increasingly costly and unsustainable. Federal flood insurance faced its second highest ever claim year in 2017. Hurricanes Florence, Harvey ad Michael placed the spotlight back onto the NFIP’s fundamental flaws. Insurance industry models show a…

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Federal flood insurance program stuck on hold as Hurricane Harvey tallies climb

Federal Flood Insurance - US Congress

Southeastern Texas was devastated by the storm, placing the focus back on NFIP and the GOP restructuring effort. The Federal flood insurance program is in limbo at the moment while Texans face catastrophe following Hurricane Harvey. The Republicans have been trying to restructure the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). Their goal has been to partially privatize it. NFIP is a subsidized program that costs taxpayers tens of billions in federal subsidies. The federal flood insurance program is facing an upcoming deadline of September 30. Unless Congress agrees to extend the…

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Federal flood insurance program swamped by repeat claims

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NFIP struggles with debate over paying one claim after the next or supporting structure elevations. The federal flood insurance is finding itself drowning in repeat claims made by the same properties that experience regular flooding. At the same time that Congress is trying to work its way through a slew of bills for reauthorizing the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), that same program is paying out multiple times to the same claimants. This has created a call for reducing the number of repeat flooding incidences in order to shrink repeat…

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Flood insurance rates still rising, regardless of law reforms

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Even with the overhaul of the federal program, the prices homeowners will pay will still be higher. Millions of homeowners across the country were breathing a sigh of relief when the flood insurance law was reformed in order to bring down some of the skyrocketing rates for that coverage, but many continue to face much higher premiums than they have seen in previous years. The rising cost of this coverage may not be as high for some homeowners as expected, but it’s still going up. The subsidies through the National…

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Flood insurance rate increases front and center in Scott and Obama talks

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The governor had the opportunity to speak to the White House this week in a meeting with the President. Governor Rick Scott or Florida has been making a tremendous effort to try to put the spotlight on the issue of the increases in flood insurance rates which have impacted many states, among which his own has been one of those hit the hardest. He finally received an ideal chance to address this topic with the President, this week, at the White House. As a result of a law passed in…

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Flood insurance increase delays moved forward by Senate

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Bipartisan legislation for holding back rate hikes is another step closer to being implemented. This week, bipartisan legislation has made its way through the Senate which will help to place a delay on the premium hikes that will be experienced by hundreds of thousands of flood insurance customers who reside in low lying and coastal areas. The vote of 86 to 16 showed that the support in the chamber that is powerful enough to avoid filibuster. It is more than likely that this flood insurance delay will be passed by…

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Flood insurance downfalls revealed following superstorms on the east coast

Flood Insurance Hurricane Sandy Jersey Shore

The damage, destruction, and devastation from Sandy revealed many flaws in the national program. The catastrophe and chaos that has been left behind on the Jersey Shore and other areas on the east coast is now being called a direct reflection of some of the many failings of the current flood insurance program and is drawing attention to issues that may be on the rise in the near and long term future due to climate change. The storm surge from the most recent superstorm came inland as far as half…

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