Crop insurance program changes are supported by some farmers

Crop Insurance cuts

Some growers in Kansas are giving the nod to a bill that would decrease newly converted land subsidies. Although it would be natural to expect that farmers would be entirely against legislation that would place a tougher limit on crop insurance subsidies, there are some that are expressing their belief that the move is indeed designed to protect their interests over the long term. The changes to the subsidies would mean a reduction for grasslands that had not previously been agriculture space. These changes have to do with the Protect…

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Crop insurance teetering on the “fiscal cliff”

crop insurance program

The farm bill has been pushed to help to save the protection subsidies from the axe. Lawmakers from rural areas who are concerned that the $9 billion in annual federal subsidies for crop insurance may be considered to be an easy target for cutting spending in order to avoid the looming fiscal cliff. They are now seeking a new way to compromise on the farm bill in order to continue protecting farmers. The House and Senate Agriculture Committee chairpersons had already been prepared to use a new farm bill in…

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Crop insurance has become critical to the survival of some farmers

Crop insurance program 2014

This year’s droughts have made the coverage vital to many American growers. Farmers have been helplessly watching their corn, wheat, and other produce wither and die and are now relying on crop insurance to get them through the worst drought that the United States has seen in over a half century. The federal program to protect growers has become an important part of survival this year. Without its assistance, many farmers – who are already battling with the high prices of land, cash rents, and high price inputs – would…

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Crop insurance changes are already assisting farmers facing drought

Crop Insurance

Dry conditions threaten agricultural yields across the country. As farmers continue to look to the skies and await the much needed rain that never seems to come, changes to the crop insurance program will now be providing some required assistance. The U.S. Department of Agriculture will be helping farmers through this time of drought. This announcement was made by U.S. Senator Bob Casey (D-PA). He explained that “As the drought worsens, it’s imperative that Pennsylvania farmers have every tool at their disposal to cope with the possible damage.” Senator Casey…

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Lawmakers clash with Obama administration over the matter of crop insurance

Federal legislators representing various agriculture committees in Congress have rejected the cuts to crop insurance President Obama unveiled in his budget plan this week. The plan looks to cut $8 billion in funding for crop insurance throughout the country. Legislators claim that this would be a major blow to many farmers, especially those in areas that are prone to seeing natural disasters. The Obama administration is keen to make cuts to crop insurance because it claims that some farmers are abusing the system, as they will be paid for their…

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Federal crop insurance program hinders organic farm growth

Though there has been an increase in consumer demand for consumer foods, some producers are finding that the federal crop insurance program – which was created to assist farmers – is hindering their ability to expand. This, according to Matt McLean, the founder of Uncle Matt’s Organic Inc, which has become the largest organic citrus producer in Florida, after having started in 1999 with only 5 acres of oranges. The reason that McLean and other farmers are making this claim is that organic producers are required to pay a surcharge…

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Importance of crop insurance highlighted at the 26th Annual Corn Growers Association meeting

As farmers from all over the country convened over the weekend to attend the 26th Annual Corn Growers Association in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, crop insurance was on everyone’s mind. With 2011 being recognized as a record breaking year in terms of natural disasters, and the persistent problems spawned from a turbulent climate, farmers throughout the country have been facing significant difficulties with keeping their crops alive. As crops are lost, farmers lose their ability to make a living. Most farmers receive money from the government, but this money is…

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