Insurance fraud activities bring arrest of a Los Angeles man

industry insurance fraud

The individual’s alleged schemes occurred outside of California and were focused on residents of Louisiana. A man from Los Angeles, California has now been placed under arrest by authorities in New Orleans after having allegedly been taking part in an insurance fraud scheme that involved the sale of fake employer’s liability and workers compensation policies throughout Louisiana. This insurance scam announcement was made by Attorney General Buddy Caldwell. The individual in this insurance fraud case, fifty year old Terry Frances, has now been charged with five separate counts of theft…

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Insurance fraud charges faced by Big Brother Africa celebrity

Insurance fraud - arrest

Wendall Parson from Zimbabwe was one of the show’s winners and has now been arrested. One of the two winners of Big Brother Africa Amplified, in 2011, Wendall Parson from Zimbabwe, has just been arrested by police on allegations of auto insurance fraud. The celebrity is said to have been involved in a fraudulent policy scam worth $25,000. Police arrested Parson on the insurance fraud allegations on Friday, according to Superintendent Andrew Phiri, a police spokesperson who made the announcement of the arrest on Sunday. The accusation against Parson is…

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National Insurance Crime Bureau finds high level of insurance fraud in Florida

California Insurance company Fraud scam

Florida leads the country in insurance fraud, according to National Insurance Crime Bureau Florida has attracted a significant amount of focus when it comes to fraud in its insurance sector over the past few years. The state’s no-fault auto insurance laws, and some regulations concerning homeowners insurance, have allowed the sector to be easily manipulated and exploited in the past. State legislators recently began overhauling Florida laws to cut down on fraudulent activities, but have found only modest success. The National Insurance Crime Bureau has released new information showing that…

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Michigan insurance scam may have left many paying for phony coverage

Michigan insurance regulators are reporting that hundreds of drivers in Detroit may be victims of a scam. Nearly 1,000 fraudulent insurance policies were issued from a company based in Texas. State regulators have ordered Michigan-based Don Diamond and Ethos insurance to stop fraudulent deals as they continue investigating the situation. The policies in question seem to have originated from either Diamond or Ethos. Diamond argues that the fake policies come from malicious subcontractors in Detroit. While state regulators suspect that as many as 1,000 people have fallen prey to the…

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