Health insurance: the most and least expensive U.S. markets

health insurance rates highest and lowest

The cost associated with buying coverage varies widely across the country. Although the health care reform included the development and implementation of exchanges that were designed to allow consumers to be able to compare and purchase the right health insurance at the most affordable price, the varying cost of coverage across the country has remained as present as it ever was. Depending where the plans are being purchased, policyholders may find themselves paying more or less. There are many different factors that are considered when it comes to calculating health…

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COBRA loses federal subsidy, future of the program questioned

The end is nigh for one of the federal government’s most popular and well-used insurance plans. The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act, more famously known as COBRA, will no longer be subsidized by the government beginning next week. The demise of the subsidy, which has provided insurance coverage to millions of unemployed citizens throughout the nation by lowering the cost of COBRA, has been met with little fanfare. After the subsidy ends, the options for those unable to afford conventional insurance coverage will become slimmer. Despite being designed to help…

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