Prudential life insurance claims illegally denied says Department of Labor

Life insurance Denied - Computer

Over 200 claims were denied by the insurer, even though it had been collecting premiums. The US Department of Labor has accused Prudential Financial of illegally denying over 200 life insurance claims, even after the insurer had continued to collect premiums from the policyholder. This is only the most recent instance of a rash of insurers denying claims customers have paid for. A number of life insurance companies have been found to be denying claims made on policies that have been paid into for years. Many employers include supplemental life…

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The search for disability insurance

Group disability insurance is a form of protection for a group of people who are connected in some way – such as through an organization such as a trade association or employer – and covers the individuals from the losses to which they are exposed in the case of illness or an injury from an accident. Group disability insurance is typically less expensive than a policy purchased by an individual, though it should be noted that the benefits are limited to a maximum monthly income and a certain length of…

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