Auto insurance could rise by as much as £500 for women in the EU

auto insurance premiums rise

Female drivers an life coverage policyholders could find that they are paying far more very soon. Starting on December 21, life and auto insurance companies in the European Union will no longer be permitted to use a policyholders gender as a factor in the calculations of his or her premiums. On Friday, those insurers that have not already changed their rules will be required to do so. This means that women who have life or auto insurance coverage will likely find themselves paying over £500 more per year for the…

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Life insurance in Europe is taking off

International Insurance fund news

As consumers stay away from riskier investments, they’re choosing this coverage instead. Two of the largest European insurers, Axa and Allianz, are exceeding the profit predictions as consumers who are shying away from risky investments are choosing traditional life insurance for its comparative stability and safety. The top insurer in Europe, Allianz, saw 2.8 percent greater year over year profits in the second quarter. The insurer reported that its operating profit was €2.37 billion in the second quarter of 2012. This is an increase that is far about the €2.2…

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