Despite EU auto insurance rates regulations, male drivers still pay more

EU auto insurance rates stress men male driver

Men are still paying an average of 25 percent more than women, half a decade after the ruling’s implementation New EU auto insurance rates data revealed that men are consistently paying more for their policies than women. This, despite the fact that the European Union introduced a rule to stop gender price discrimination five years ago. The gender directive was meant to stop insurance companies from automatically charging women better premiums. The EU auto insurance rates regulations had been meant to stop the common practice which was costing men hundreds…

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EU insurance rules put on hold

EU insurance watchdog industry

Governing body announces EU insurance rules delayed The European Union has been struggling to solve the problems created by the ongoing financial crisis that has stricken the region. The governing body has turned to the global insurance industry for assistance, which has responded with providing the coverage needed to mitigate some of the aspects of the continuous crisis. Earlier this year, the EU introduced a new plan that would impose strict capital rules on insurers in some member countries as part of new regulations focused on the banking industry. It…

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