Health insurance benefits are keeping a third of workers from quitting

Health insurance benefits

The Policygenius annual survey found a third of employees stay put because of their coverage. In a trend being dubbed the “Great Resignation”, health insurance benefits are holding about one in three workers in their current positions. The coverage is important enough to workers that they stay where they are instead of changing workplaces. The survey showed that 33 percent of full-time and part-time workers would be very or somewhat likely to quit their current jobs soon if it wasn’t for their health insurance benefits. Furthermore, over one quarter (26…

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Employer health insurance hasn’t decreased from Obamacare

workers employer health insurance

A new survey showed the ACA has not reduced the number of employers offering these benefits. There had been strong fears that employer health insurance would plummet at the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. That said, a recent survey has shown that Obamacare doesn’t appear to have produced this result. The percentage of companies still offering benefits including health insurance to workers has stayed steady. The proportion of companies offering employer health insurance benefits to both workers and their families has stayed the same. The figure has remained essentially…

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Private health insurance out of pocket costs spike sharply

Covered California exchange health insurance coverage

Even with coverage, patients visiting hospitals have found that the expenses they pay themselves are up 37 percent. The results of a recent study are adding even more evidence that private health insurance coverage isn’t stopping rising expenses. The research pointed specifically to high-deductible plans that are a top choice among employers. These keep premiums low but can lead to higher out of pocket expenses. Though this keeps the initial health plan costs down, it can add up at times when claims are made. Researchers from the University of Michigan…

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Insurance plan loophole nearly closed

health insurance for small businesses

The government is coming close to stopping employers from being able to offer substandard coverage. Insurance plan consultants were recently surprised to discover that under the rules of the Affordable Care Act, employers are capable of offering policies to their employees for next year that do not include hospital benefits. This has caused the administration to take action to correct an official calculator for approving of insurance policies. Officials from the Treasury Department are now working on changing the path of an official calculator that gives approval to various types…

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Health insurance for U.S. employees is not required to cover birth control

Birth Control insurance

Though the overall law still stands, companies can object on religious grounds in order to gain exemption. The U.S. Supreme Court has recently released a new health insurance ruling that states that companies are permitted to submit an objection on religious grounds to a health care reform provision that would require them to provide birth control coverage within their group plans. The court held this decision on a vote of 5 to 4 that companies could seek this type of exemption. This ruling was carefully made to reflect that while…

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